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McCaul wants Cruz to ‘govern,’ here’s what he really means

Conservative Review

What do you call a political landscape where one party is doing everything in its power to destroy America’s culture, economy, and security, while the other party is doing everything in its power to avoid confrontation over those issues, “get things done,” and ensure that voters are unaware of their harmful agenda?

The modern-day two party system, of course!

It’s also a recipe for transforming America’s culture, economy, and security predicament into the failed European model.

Nobody embodies this dynamic more than Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas (F, 58%), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. As the top Republican overseeing an issue portfolio that crosses the nexus between immigration and national security, McCaul was in the best position to spend every day of the legislative session exposing the radicalism of this administration on illegal immigration, refugees, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Instead, conservatives had to expend tremendous political capital trying to stop him from making the problems worse, all the while allowing Obama to continue his fundamental transformation unscathed from public criticism.

Now McCaul has the nerve to throw passive aggressive bombs at Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas (A, 97%) in beta-male fashion because the junior senator actually spent his time in the Senate exposing the dangers of this president on almost every major policy issue, including those related to homeland security.

The party establishment is clearly hoping to keep Ted Cruz busy with a well-funded primary challenge so he can’t expose their intellectual nudity. As such, they are launching trial balloons with names like Michael McCaul floated as potential challengers. Playing the typical wink and nod game, McCaul told reporters that he’s flattered by the effort to draft him and that while he’s “not spending a whole lot of time thinking about it,” he’s learned never to say never. Clearly goaded by the media into taking a shot at Cruz, here was McCaul’s message:

"I think he also represents the state of Texas in the Senate," McCaul told reporters. "I think that's an important job as well, and so I think the presidential campaign's over and it's time to — I think governance is important. I think in Washington getting things for the great people of Texas done is an important job."

Pressed on whether he was suggesting Cruz has not always been focused on Texas, McCaul replied, "Again, I think he's been focused on his ambition running for president." [Texas Tribune]

By “governance,” McCaul clearly doesn’t mean fighting for the Constitution. After all, there is no money behind the Constitution. He means working with the swamp instead of draining the swamp; continuing to satisfy the special interests and the strongest players on the block by play fighting the Democrats.

So what does McCaul-style governance look like?

Well, it looks like a 58% Liberty Score, for one thing. This is a man who has carried water for the same leadership that has completely abdicated the power of the purse, thereby paving the way for Obama to transform this country and to endanger our security unfettered by any effective opposition.  

Sadly, not only does Republican “governance” mean allowing Democrats to do what they want, it means passing loin cloth legislation that actually obfuscates the party divide and shields Democrats from public blame for an issue voters are really concerned about. Two stark examples of McCaul performing this art superbly stand out in my memory:

  1. Amnesty

In 2014 and early 2015, when Obama’s push for amnesty and the Gang of Eight’s public call for open borders resulted in a mass influx of illegal immigrants from Central America, Obama sought to distract the public by saying it was a legislative problem and demanded more resources. McCaul led the way by crafting a loin cloth border bill that actually weakened current law, helped shield Obama from blame, and would have paved the road for amnesty if not for other circumstances that made open border legislation toxic. [more background here]

2. Islamic terror

More recently, following the Orlando terror attack when Democrats were on the hook for expunging all connections between domestic Islamic leaders and foreign terror groups, McCaul worked with leadership to help promote the Muslim Brotherhood agenda. It took endless cajoling from conservatives to move him away from his bill promoting the MA’s “countering violent extremism” agenda. Thus, conservatives had to expend all their political capital preventing him from tossing an interception when we should have been throwing one touchdown after another — making Democrats vote on refugee reform legislation and banning the Muslim Brotherhood on a daily basis. McCaul famously wrote a message to a leader of CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, telling them how moderate Muslims are part of the solution, implying that this Hamas-linked group fits that description! When DHS whistleblower Phil Haney was being punished for outing the administration for their dangerous Muslim Brotherhood-led cover-up of domestic terror networks, McCaul refused to help him as chairman of the relevant committee. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz was holding a hearing with Haney exposing what McCaul failed to do on the House side. Cruz also introduced legislation attacking this issue on numerous fronts.

So what exactly does “governing” mean, according to McCaul? It means siding with the Left on the most important issues of our time. While he criticizes Cruz for having ambition to run for president, Cruz is currently leading the fight to stop Obama from transferring control over website domains to an international tribunal that includes Russia, China, and Iran. McCaul’s form of “governing” will ensure that Republicans allow Obama to endanger our security with the internet giveaway and allow funding for increased refugee resettlement in the budget bill next month. 

We already have one party that “governs.” They do so quite effectively and certainly don’t need any help. Instead, we need a second party that will focus on restoration and leadership. With people like Mike McCaul in prominent positions, the Republican Party will never serve as such a vehicle.

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