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Who needs leftists? GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott endorses radical “ban the box” pro-criminal mandate on employers

Conservative Review

There’s a lot of talk about the potential for Texas to become a blue state one day. But in many respects, it already has. In fact, rather than Democrats obtaining power and pushing radical pro-criminal policies that would get them ejected by suburban voters, they have found a way to induce Republicans to propose those policies for them, thereby shielding their side from electoral reprisal. Even in a state like Texas, the Left gets to have its cake and eat it too.

As part of a growing trend among bankrupt Republicans who are out of ideas and a proactive vision, Gov. Greg Abbott endorsed yet another progressive criminal justice idea last week in announcing his support for the “ban the box” movement – prohibiting employers from asking about criminal records on job applications. “We want every man and woman in this state to have their own chance at the unique brand of economic prosperity that Texas offers. It doesn’t matter if you have an arrest record, we want you to have a job,” said Abbott at a town hall Thursday night. In a typical myopic view of crime, focusing just on criminals and not victims, Abbott has been pulled into the vortex of the jailbreak movement.

“Ban the box” began as a radical idea from Dukakis Democrats and has now consumed the Koch-funded “conservative” organizations like the Texas Public Policy Foundation. It’s funny how they often describe themselves as libertarians, but nothing says “liberty” quite like having government bar private companies from putting a box on a job application asking applicants about prior criminal records.

Abbott’s support for “ban the box” social engineering comes at a time when phony conservative organizations are getting Republicans to support almost every facet of the Left’s war on law and order. Bernie Sanders just released a comprehensive plan to dismantle our criminal justice system and let more criminals out of prison at a time when already, many violent criminals go unconvicted or under-sentenced. Conservatives are rightly appalled and alarmed by what Bernie and his allies are planning. But many are unaware of the fact that there is almost nothing in that plan that stands in contrast to what prominent Republicans are pushing, including Texas Public Policy Foundation staffers in the White House. I can’t think of a single policy creating daylight between Bernie and the radical progressive libertarian jailbreak movement influencing prominent Republicans like Abbott.

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