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New data: The border surge is increasing AGAIN

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What happens when we allow courts to countermand our immigration policy and unilaterally grant asylum to invaders at our border? What happens when every political and cultural institution sheds crocodile tears for illegal invaders rather than helping Americans harmed by their crime, drugs, gangs, and the fiscal burden? The laws of supply and demand dictate that more invaders will come. And indeed, that is what has happened in August. The president now has the perfect opportunity to make border security the number one demand of this month’s budget bill. Will he do it?

Illegal aliens respond to incentives very quickly

According to new data from Customs and Border Protection, the number of apprehensions of family units spiked by 38 percent in August compared to the previous month. That is a record for the month of August. The number of unaccompanied alien children (UACs) rose by 11.5 percent. Overall, almost 16,500 family units were apprehended at or in between entry points, a level that has not been seen during any month since the Obama administration.

This is even more disturbing given the growing trajectory. Because of the perception that policies would change with the new administration, the border flow slowed to a trickle in 2017. Now it has surged again, proving that the entire deterrent power of this administration is gone unless policies change. The flow of family units this August represents a 140 percent increase over August 2017, while the number of UACs increased by 44 percent. If record numbers of families are coming over during the August heat, that means we are in for a real treat in the fall and winter unless there is a change in policy.

The spike in the number of family units shows that a number of people who previously just sent their kids here alone to join other relatives, thinking that our leniency wouldn’t extend to adults, now understand that they can come together and be paroled together under catch-and-release.

The Daily Caller has published a video taken on an Arizona ranch showing 25 minutes of uninterrupted border infiltrations. This is not the hallmark of a first-world country. We have no control over our own sovereignty and security.

Remember, this is not even the busiest sector. Most of the families are pouring over the Rio Grande Valley in the far east sector of Texas.

What happens to these people?

As of the first three quarters of this fiscal year, only 1.4 percent of the 94,000 illegals who came as family units in 2017 were sent back home. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why most would feel comfortable coming here and telling their friends about our policies. Our country can’t survive when it takes years to remove individuals who are clearly not entitled to be here. It’s death by a million lawsuits.

It’s not just impoverished bogus asylum-seekers coming over

While roughly 46,500 illegals were apprehended at our border this month, that means that, given our interdiction rate, at least as many were not apprehended.

What comes over the border along with bogus asylum claims? MS-13 and an endless array of drugs. Appallingly, the very same politicians who have promoted this invasion that single-handedly led to the “opioid crisis” beginning in 2013-2014 are passing a spending bill this week in the Senate to “address” the opioid crisis. Yet they refuse to define what the crisis is and what caused it. If they actually properly identified it, they would realize the impetus for the polydrug crisis (it’s not an opioid crisis) is this very border surge they refuse to even stop encouraging, much less halt.

It’s not just opioids like heroin and fentanyl pouring over the border from Mexico and distributed by the gangs and cartels harbored by sanctuary cities. Non-opioids like methamphetamine are surging to record levels, making them historically cheap to purchase. Just during the first 11 months of fiscal year 2018, over 77,000 pounds of this poison were seized by border agents. As late as 2012, that number was around just 18,000 pounds. What happened in between? The Central American border surge that is growing every month happened. In 2007, 5,171 people claimed credible fear in order to get asylum. In 2016, it was 91,786.

That is your “opioid” crisis right there. Funding the border wall, blocking the asylum loophole, and ending judicial amnesty and sanctuary cities would be the ultimate “opioid package.” But legislators keep their focus on doctors and pain patients.

Aside from MS-13, the massive surge of bogus asylum-seekers also serves as strategic cover for the cartels and smugglers, who orchestrate the entire process, to bring in Middle Easterners. We’ve seen an increase in “special interest alien” activity with the growth of the Central American invasion. As Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies observes, in the final months of the Obama administration, none other than DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson sent out a memo to top law enforcement agencies warning that the growth of Middle Easterners at the border demanded their "immediate attention."

But it’s worse than simply facing a migration crisis where Middle Easterners slip in undetected amid the chaos of the Central American migration. Even if they are successfully interdicted by agents on the way in, they claim asylum just like the Central Americans do and are released. As Bensman, a former intelligence officer for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said on my podcast yesterday, the Middle Easterners don’t initially come to our border with bombs, they come with good stories. He warned that the broken asylum policies are not just the cause of the Central American migration, which in itself is facilitating the flow of Middle Easterners, it also remains the Achilles heel of our security, whereby terrorists can claim asylum just like in Europe.

Thanks to the courts uprooting sovereignty and statutes, anyone from around the world can come here.

Seventeen years after 9/11, while we are still chasing our tails in Afghanistan, our border is wide open for people to stream across. Rather than marshalling the entire country to fight against a dangerous open border by staying in session all of August promoting a budget bill closing all the border loopholes and building the wall, Republicans helped promote the Democrat premise that the emergency was about “uniting families.” Well, those families have now responded by pouring over the border at an increased level.

In addition, nothing is being done about the ultimate magnet – the ability of illegal aliens to steal Social Security numbers, with the help of the IRS, to file tax returns and obtain employment in this country. According to a recent report from the Immigration Reform Law Institute, 39 million Social Security numbers were stolen between 2012 and 2016 in W-2 filings. Congress, and even the administration, can end the magnet tomorrow by barring the IRS from processing refundable tax credits to those whose numbers don’t match and work with SSA to immediately notify the victim, the employer, and local law enforcement when a duplicate or fraudulent number is used.

Getting rid of the magnets, the broken courts, and the broken asylum policies is just as important, if not more important, than building the wall. Imagine if Trump and the Republicans made the next few weeks a budget battle over terrorism, the crushing costs of illegal immigration, MS-13, and the drug crisis all wrapped up in border security and sanctuary cities.

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