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Our moral divide is reaching a crisis point

Conservative Review

“Rape, control, kill.”

No, that is not yet the platform of the Democrat Party, but it is the motto and agenda of the people leftists now coddle and on behalf of whom they express defensive indignation. For now, we can summarize the Democrats’ election message as “Make drug cartels, Hamas, Hezbollah, MS-13, and felons great again.”

We are rapidly reaching a tipping point in this country, an irreparable schism between the two sides over the most basic moral ethos.

It began decades ago with fights over private property rights and the role of government in our lives, society, and economy. But this divide is now over the basic laws of nature and the foundations of a moral and just society. Many on the Right in policy circles yawned as the Left redefined marriage and then human sexuality in its most literal sense. They blithely went along with this charade and point to a man and refer to him as a “she” without batting an eye. Such moral and intellectual bankruptcy doesn’t occur in a vacuum; it’s reflective of a more rancid and ubiquitous disease enveloping half of our country.

This moral divide has reached a fever pitch this week on the most basic principles of right and wrong. We’ve witnessed an entire political movement in America and around the world side with Hamas over Jews in Israel. The ends of promoting an alliance with Iran and defending Obama’s legacy have become so unassailable that a Hamas invasion of Israel must now be justified in order to toe the political line.

Likewise, we are seeing that open borders have become so sacred that criminal aliens, MS-13, and drug cartels are now untouchable because addressing those evils would necessarily implicate the immigration agenda.

When I first heard Trump’s comments referring to MS-13 gangsters held in local prisons in sanctuary states as “animals,” I thought the Left would feign outrage over the implied denigration of animals. After all, under the leftist worldview, animals are people too. But shockingly, they were outraged that he referred to these people as animals. And it has become clear that their immoral indignation was applied knowing very well that Trump was referring to the gangs and drug cartels, not the average migrants crossing over. Yet the agenda is so paramount that MS-13 must now be defended – both rhetorically and legally – at all costs.

A similar moral crisis gripped the country in the lead-up to the Civil War. For some in this country, the political and economic benefits of slavery were so auspicious that the institution and all its evils had to be defended at all costs. It was clear to President Lincoln that such a divide could not be sustained. His enduring words are as ominous now as they were in 1858:

A house divided against itself, cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South.

We cannot continue like this. We cannot have one side that sheds crocodile tears over waterboarding the most evil human beings, but unflinchingly champions the practice of dismembering babies limb from limb while their hearts are beating.

We cannot continue to have one side that violently opposes capital punishment for murderers but embraces every opportunity to murder babies.

We cannot continue to have one side that uses illegal immigration to empower drug cartels, MS-13, and Hezbollah to the point that tens of thousands die from their poison, neighborhoods are terrorized by gangs, and terrorists are empowered with funding from organized crime – all to satisfy a Democrat voter registration program.

We cannot continue to have one side (in this case, both political parties are on the same side) obsessively coddling criminals, particularly deadly drug traffickers, while ignoring victims and law-abiding citizens.

Recently, the liberal media lionized Winnie Mandela at her death, even though she ordered the sadistic torture of children in South Africa. But sadly, their affinity for this fiend is not surprising, because if you read accounts of her ordered tortures, it sounds a lot like Hamas, MS-13, and the drug cartels. The same people who cry over waterboarding evil men in order to obtain lifesaving information continue to create a migration economy that empower the Los Zetas cartel to employ the worst forms of torture in the world.

Oh, and the booming business of human trafficking single-handedly driven by DACA amnesty and sanctuary city magnets has created a phenomenon of rape trees for women, unspeakable horrors for those making the trek we encourage, and a steady flow of recruits for MS-13 and drug mules.

Indeed, this is not a reconcilable difference that can persist throughout the country, the culture, our body politic, or even in our economy. When one side is insistently merciful to those who are cruel and cruel to those deserving mercy, it is not some innocuous disagreement that the other side can indulge agreeably, like a New York Yankees fan with a Boston neighbor.

The difference between today and the 1850s is that the divide is reflected much more sharply in the elites than in the people.Yes, the country is pretty grotesquely divided on some social issues and the role of government in some aspects of our lives and economy, but in issues of straight-up right or wrong, the divide isn’t so much between Right and Left but up and down -- between the governing class and the country class. But the divide inevitably creeps down until it tears the people apart.

Most Americans, even registered Democrats, believe in sovereignty, safety, and security. But the professional politicos, even those on “the Right,” are promoting the same moral bankruptcy as the Left on crime, immigration, and terrorism. The Koch brothers have their tentacles spread wide among so-called conservative organizations – as much as Soros saturates the Left – yet ironically, their agenda overlaps with Soros and is contaminating many on the Right. They are now running ads thanking Democrats on open borders, rapidly promoting the Willie Horton jailbreak agenda, and are promoting the Hamas agenda against Israel.

Thus, we are not only divided on some of the basic principles of morality, we don’t even have representation in the professional political class for those who disagree. This is why the disquiet in the country will only grow over time, as those with traditional moral beliefs lack effective representation.

This divide has nothing to do with Trump. Donald Trump could ride off into the sunset tomorrow, and nothing would change. We have already reached the tipping point. So long as one side believes that a man is a woman, right is wrong, a border is a doorway, MS-13 and Hamas are civil rights groups, all forms of abortion are sacred while interrogating terrorists is evil and the leadership of the other side does nothing to confront it, just as the Whig Party did not effectively combat slavery, the animosity and resentment among the people will get worse.

Perhaps those obsessively pushing a “two-state solution” in Israel while also supporting Hamas’ incursions into the other state should look inward and contemplate the two-state approach here in America.

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