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President Trump sends ominous warning to Iran after US drone was shot down

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President Donald Trump on Thursday responded with a warning after Iran's Revolutionary Guard shot down a U.S. drone.

Taking to Twitter, the president declared Iran has "made a very big mistake!"

According to the Associated Press, the Iranian military said it shot down a RQ-4 Global Hawk drone over Iranian airspace. Revolutionary Guard commander General Hossein Salami commented that the shooting of the drone was intended to send "a clear message" to America and added that Iran does “not have any intention for war with any country, but we are ready for war.”

The U.S. says the drone was shot down over international airspace in the Strait of Hormuz. The U.S. military's central command characterized the incident as an "unprovoked attack."

The attack on the drone comes amid heightened tensions between the U.S. and Iran, just days after the Trump administration says Iran attacked two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. President Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, and Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., have been the most outspoken proponents of threatening retaliatory military action against Iran. The president himself has reportedly shown skepticism about military intervention in Iran, calling the oil tanker attack "very minor."

Could the president's tweet mean his position has changed?

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