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Republicans are dancing with the devil by funding Planned Parenthood

Conservative Review

For reasons only Allah knows, Nancy Pelosi spoke for eight hours last week about an immigration issue that Chuck Schumer had already proved to be a giant loser.

What she didn’t speak about for even eight minutes, though, was how many babies died during the time she was filibustering, at the murderous hands of Planned Parenthood. But you know who else isn’t talking about that tragedy, either?

Most Republicans.

In fact, they are going to continue funding the baby killing, as usual. The bloated budget recently passed by Republicans drastically increases spending across the board, thus giving Pelosi much of what progressives like her say they want without a fight, while simply refusing to take a stand on arguably the GOP base's highest-priority issue: Life.

But the fight for life is being waged in some surprising places, shown best by what Gerber recently did with its annual spokesbaby campaign. While nations like Iceland are systematically executing babies with Down syndrome and calling it some kind of scientific breakthrough, Gerber made Lucas Warren the first Gerber baby with Down syndrome in its 90-year history. And Frank Stephens, who also has Down syndrome, recent asked Congress why people like him have to justify their existence or face the final solution.

The old lies are falling apart, even when it comes to some of the so-called “hard cases.” If only the Republicans would stop lying to themselves and us. Because for a generation now, the pro-life industry,  and the politicians it recruits and endorses, has been convinced of the notion that we have to put up with a certain number of innocent babies being slaughtered to win elections — or else the Democrats will just kill them all.

That’s how the notion of allowing “exceptions” became the reasonable, pragmatic path (to perdition). But when you dance with the devil, like Adam and Eve once did in the garden, that word “reasonable” clearly doesn’t mean what you think it means. And soon you end up having a permanent residence east of Eden and paying for abortions instead of simply excusing them.

Enough already. It is time to make a stand. Way past time. Way past time for the Republicans to stop funding the killing fields of Planned Parenthood, which also happens to be one of the most loyal and lucrative bastions of support for their political opponents in the Democratic Party.

It won’t stop the killing, but it will further weaken a business already in the process of closing many of its death chambers across the country due to financial difficulties. Cecile Richards is set to retire from her ghastly perch as president of Murder, Inc., perhaps, I believe, because she understands the time is ripe for Republicans to make such a move. And she either doesn’t want it to happen on her watch or doesn’t want to deal with the aftermath.

Yet maybe we shouldn't be surprised Republicans still keeping writing checks to Planned Parenthood. After all, it was a Supreme Court with a majority of Republican-appointed judges who gave us Roe v. Wade. It was a Supreme Court with a majority of Republican-appointed judges who left it in place with decisions like Planned Parenthood v. Casey. And it was a Supreme Court with a majority of Republican-appointed judges who upheld the most anti-life legislation in recent American history: Obamacare.

We can’t wait for the courts to save us on the life issue. A GOP-led Congress needs to put on some big-boy pants for a change and take home a scalp that is right there for the taking — if only just a little courage and conviction is shown.

Do we have the courage and conviction to demand it of them?

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