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Ryan pushing Obama’s legacy jailbreak agenda

Conservative Review

In his upcoming State of the Union Address, Obama plans to focus on his get-out-of-jail-free agenda. According to BuzzFeed, Obama will host an ex-convict at the SOTU address: “[C]riminal justice is set to be a huge part of [his] legacy and get a prominent place in the speech.”

At a time of rising crime and civil unrest in major American cities, one would expect even a nominal opposition party to expend their political capital this year combatting Obama’s dangerous legacy issue.

Yet, in a free-wheeling interview with Politico’s Jake Sherman, detailed in an article titled “Paul Ryan dreams of a kinder, more substantive GOP,” Ryan made it clear that the most prominent action item for the GOP this year is to codify Obama’s legacy issue. And further, it will “get a prominent place in the speech.”

Folks, there are bold colors, there are pale pastels, and then there are bold colored markers that the modern-day Republican Party uses to punctuate the most radical and repudiated policies of the left.  The degree of betrayal and perfidy of the GOP as it relates to this issue is truly breathtaking.  Law and order was once the silent majority issue that held the GOP together. It defined what it meant to be a Republican. Yet this is the very principle Ryan is agog with anticipation to violate this year.  Consider the following ironies:

  • At a time when Obama is releasing thousands of criminal aliens and flooding our country with Islamic immigrants, Republicans will help him create more public safety problems with the release of domestic felons. And never forget, the next step is voting rights.
  • At a time when Obama and many blue states are infringing upon the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Americans, he is releasing violent gun felons.  Yet, instead of calling him out on this, Republicans plan to give him cover. According to data from the U.S. Sentencing Commission that I recently obtained, 2,317 of the 5,920 armed career criminals in federal prison would be eligible for early releaseunder Section 105 of the Senate criminal justice bill (S.2123).
  • At a time of increased crime and Obama's war on local law enforcement agencies, Republicans are using their oversight capabilities on House and Senate Judiciary to promote his agenda of arresting it.
  • At a time when so many legitimate over-crime issues to focus on, from the BLM and ATF to the EPA and Obama's abuse of the NSA spying programs, Republicans plan to focus on retroactive leniencies for violent drug offenders.
  • At the height of a heroin epidemic in this country, Republicans are pushing a bill that will retroactively release heroin dealers instead of focusing on the border surge and illegal immigration, both responsible for much of the drug importation into the country.

According to Gallup, 70% of Americans think crime is on the rise.  I can certainly say this is the top issue on the minds of the voters where I live.

In another poll, respondents were asked the following question: “Which comes closer to your view -- that we have too many drug traffickers in prison for too long, or that we don't do enough to keep drug traffickers off the street?”  By a margin of almost 2-1, voters feel we don’t do enough to crack down on drug trafficking.

Moreover, it’s quite evident that the only voters with whom prison release bills will resonate are those who will never vote Republican, whereas many soccer moms and Reagan Democrats are strongly supportive of law and order policies. This is a similar dynamic to the issue of immigration.

Only this Orwellian Republican Party would think it’s good policy and good politics to be on the other side of the American people with regard to an issue of this magnitude.

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