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Sanctuary nation policies endangering our security, sovereignty

Conservative Review

If you want to know what it means to put the citizenry first in immigration policy and why it’s so absurd to focus on “what to do with peaceful illegals already living here,” given our nation’s current state of affairs, consider the following stories just from this past week:

  • Oscar Delgado-Perez, an MS-13 gang member, was charged with stabbing a teenager 40 times in a Montgomery County, MD park several months ago. Thank God the local police finally caught him last week, but this individual was already deported twice to El Salvador in just the past two years. How did he reenter and who is to say he won’t be let out again? Remember, when the open-border crowd talks about “unaccompanied minors” crossing the border, it includes people like Delgado-Perez who originally crossed over as a minor. The illegal who killed Sarah Root earlier this year also fit this description.  
  • A serial rapist was arrested in the Austin area and was found to have been deported five separate times!
  • Brazilian national was arrested in New Bedford, Massachusetts for killing his own daughter. He had previously been deported twice, on one occasion for attempting to murder his wife.
  • Last week, ICE apprehended a Guatemalan illegal alien who had been convicted on two counts of indecent exposure to minors, but was released by local police outside of Philadelphia. Being a sanctuary jurisdiction, the local police declined to honor the ICE detainer. Thankfully, this is one of the few instances in which the individual was later successfully tracked down by ICE.
  • Francisco Javier Rosas-Molina, an illegal alien from Mexico, served 11 years in prison for killing a border patrol agent in 2003, yet he was let go and deported. It didn’t take long for him to re-enter the country. Thankfully, he was apprehended last week by the Tucson Sector Border Patrol.
  • Last week, Fox News did an expose on rampant fraud in U Visas, whereby illegal alien women stalk American men and allege abuse at their hands in order to obtain eligibility for a visa under the guise of an abused partner. The number of U visa applications rose from 24,768 applicants in 2012 to over 58,000 this year. Unless there has been a rash epidemic of domestic violence, it seems an awful lot of scam artists will remain in the country.


Why are so many criminal aliens in this country and how are they allowed to commit multiple crimes, get released, and re-offend? Who is prioritizing the interests of the citizenry and why is Congress not doing everything in its power to make the election about this violation of our security and sovereignty? And if our border is more secure than ever, as Democrats suggest, how is it that so many violent criminal aliens are able to return almost immediately and re-offend?

The point is immigration is an elective policy. While we invariably have to deal with violence among our own citizenry, due to the collapse of family values, we don’t have to tolerate criminal aliens for a minute, even if they are here legally. Yet, there are so many criminal aliens, fraudsters, murderers, and rapists running lose or re-entering the country after being deported. And these are the people who are eventually caught and deported. Most concerning, the Obama administration and immigration judges are ensuring that many deportations are overturned and that these people are released into our communities with their whereabouts unknown.

Take Massachusetts, for example. Last week, the Boston Herald reported that “Massachusetts last year deported the lowest percentage of illegal aliens of any state in the nation — and had the third highest rate of granting asylum.” Who is the culprit for this policy? Liberal immigration judges working for the DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). As the Herald reports, the Bay State’s immigration court “deported just 26.9 percent of illegals who came before it, the country’s lowest average rate — and well below the national average of 46.4 percent.” Just 10 years ago, they were deporting 80 percent of the illegal aliens in the state.

And remember, national deportation rates have plummeted. According to recent data from the Syracuse University's Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), nearly six in ten illegal aliens during the first ten months of FY 2016 were set free by immigration judges. At this pace, over 100,000 illegal aliens will be allowed to remain in the country because of immigration judges.

Why should any American politician of any ideological persuasion not prioritize the security and sovereignty of the American citizenry in light of the criminal alien crisis in this country?

Keep in mind, it’s pretty hard to get apprehended these days, given sanctuary city policies and sanctuary nation policies put in place by Obama’s PEP (Priority Enforcement Program), which replaced the effective Secure Communities detainers. Thus, those appearing in immigration court are often similar to those criminals mentioned above. And most of them are being released and are committing more crimes! Of those released last year, there were “10,731 convictions for assault; 890 for sexual assault, including rape; 473 for homicide-related offenses; and 375 for kidnapping.” ICE estimates that there are 1.2 million criminal aliens at large in this country, and that is a conservative estimate.

Meanwhile, as deportations plummet, border crossings continue to climb back to the levels we saw in 2014 at the height of the surge from Central America, according to new data from the border patrol. And that doesn’t even begin to factor in the hundreds of thousands who overstay their visas and the countless number of Mexicans who overstay their Border Crossing Cards (BCCs). Over one million BCCs were issued to Mexican nationals in 2014 alone, making it an easy way for them to enter our front-door and disappear into the population.   

It is simply astounding that this issue has become so partisan. Why should any American politician of any ideological persuasion not prioritize the security and sovereignty of the American citizenry in light of the criminal alien crisis in this country? This is why it’s downright reprehensible –—“deplorable,” to quote Hillary Clinton — that liberals in both parties would hold interior enforcement and border security hostage for amnesty.

Sadly, it is also deplorable that Republicans are about to give Obama everything he wants on a government-funding bill without addressing their most sacred responsibility as federal legislators.

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