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Ted Cruz backs Trump on ending birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants

Conservative Review

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, threw his support behind President Donald Trump's proposal to end birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants Wednesday in an interview on Fox News.

"As a policy matter, President Trump is exactly right. Birthright citizenship doesn't make any sense," Cruz told Fox News' Shannon Bream.

"What it ends up doing is incentivizing illegal immigration. We need to be securing the border and stopping illegal immigration," he added.

Cruz briefly discussed the debate among legal scholars about the means by which birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants might be ended — whether an act of Congress, constitutional amendment, or executive order might do it. LevinTV host Mark Levin and Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz explained earlier this week that birthright citizenship is an invention of the federal bureaucracy and President Trump has the power to correct this misunderstanding of the Constitution.

"Whatever means is used, the policy is the right policy," Cruz said.

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