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The Dossier: Imminent conflict in Syria; lessons from Obama's Libya disaster

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Trump, top officials raise awareness about imminent Russia/Syria/Iran attack on rebel-held province

Top Trump administration figures have been attempting to dissuade allies of Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria from attacking Idlib Province in Syria, warning that such aggression would result in the slaughter of countless innocents.

On Monday, President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo, U.N. Ambassador Haley, and several other top officials expressed concern on social media and elsewhere.

While the battle for Idlib would undoubtedly be a humanitarian catastrophe, we should also remember that it would be largely fought between ISIS, al Qaeda, and other Sunni jihadist groups on one side, and Russia, the Syrian regime, the Iranian regime, and Hezbollah on the other side. The United States simply has no national interest in this fight.

There is no serious, secular Arab fighting force left in Syria that has a chance to lead and govern the country in the event that Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is deposed. If the United States must act, our assets in the region can focus on helping Kurds get out of Idlib. Now six years into the Syrian civil war, the harsh reality is that the United States has very few interests left to support inside the country.

Failed state of Libya continues to devolve into complete chaos

Libya continues to be a hotbed for jihadi extremism and lawlessness, as the country’s security continues to deteriorate following the Obama administration's 2011 decision to help overthrow Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi.

Libya is in a state of complete anarchy. There are reports that the abandoned U.S. embassy in Tripoli is continuously being targeted by firebombing attacks. Elsewhere, fighting between rival militants has resulted in dozens killed and hundreds injured, with many innocents caught in the crossfire.

The decision to depose Gaddafi was supported not just by the Obama administration and its supporters, but also by high-ranking Republicans in Congress. The foreign policy establishment excitedly endorsed the idea, although skeptics pointed out at the time that the Libyan despot posed no serious threat to the United States. The Libya disaster serves as a real-life example of the dangers of reckless intervention for the sake of supposed humanitarian impulses. When American policymakers drift away from strictly protecting and advancing American interests — while attempting to play war referee in the Middle East — bad things tend to happen.

Afghanistan insider attack

An American serviceman has been killed in an “insider attack” eastern Afghanistan. “Green-on-blue” attacks have been occurring on a regular basis for the seventeen years U.S. troops have been in Afghanistan. There have been well over 100 insider attacks by members of the Afghan military against American soldiers.

The news comes as another new commander has arrived to lead NATO’s Afghanistan mission. Like his predecessors, Army General Scott Miller has expressed optimism about the long war.

The reality is that the Afghan government, at best, is locked in, at best, stalemate. It is continuously losing ground to the Taliban.

New Trump-Russia court docs: Was Russiagate a setup at the beginning?

Margot Cleveland presents a compelling argument in the Federalist that it looks more and more like the Obama FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation was always meant to be a setup to undermine Donald Trump.

Dossier author Steele colluded with the Russians

News reports over the weekend confirmed that Trump-Russia dossier author Christopher Steele, a former British spy, worked with Russian oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin in order to dig up dirt on Trump.

Almost two years following the publication of the Hillary Clinton- and DNC-funded Trump-Russia dossier, not a single allegation of Russian collusion detailed in the opposition research document has been corroborated.

President Trump did not, after all, ever collude with the Russians, but there’s a stack of evidence that his opponents did.

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