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The Left hates kids, exhibit 10,798: '13 Reasons Why'

Conservative Review

Remember how triggered everyone on the Left was back in 2011 when a website started by Sarah Palin used crosshairs over Democratic congressional districts she had targeted for defeat? Just the mere reference to a gun-related image had Palin’s detractors accusing her of fomenting violence. She was irresponsible, they said. She was reckless.

And between 2011 and now, leftists have similarly been triggered by a rich cornucopia of issues that include the First Amendment, “toxic masculinity,” cultural appropriation, and the off-the-reservation musings of Kanye West.

Always triggered by everything. Always victims. So you’d think that when it came to issues as shattering as rape, suicide, and school shootings, leftists would be the most careful of all when it comes to needlessly stirring the pot.

But you would be wrong.

Case in point is the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why,” which by this point in its second season might seem to exist for the express purpose of triggering awful things to happen — just so leftists can turn around and blame-shift in the direction of Christians/conservatives/Republicans/the evil other.

The show’s entire premise at the outset was tracing back to why a particular high school student killed herself. Now the show is following a male student who was graphically depicted being sexually assaulted by another male student with a mop handle and the subsequent gathering of weaponry by the victim for yet-to-be-revealed carnage.

Remember, we live in a world now where the use of the wrong pronoun can bring the torches and pitchforks out at college campuses and workplaces nationwide. And the mere mention of gun rights can bring charges of “you may as well be a murderer.” But the creator of “13 Reasons Why” thinks raw depictions of the worst crimes imaginable is not only noble, but perhaps a divine sociological enterprise.

“We’re very interested in continuing to follow [the character’s] journey and to try to understand his state of mind and the state of his soul,” said Brian Yorkey.

Ah, yes. His soul. Something leftists normally tell you they don’t believe in, so I’m sure they’ve got this thing totally under control.

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