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The lost and depraved news of ONE weekend

Conservative Review

So much death. What can men do against such reckless hate? –Theoden, “The Lord of the Rings—The Two Towers”

You have heard me say often that the only thing with the power to turn our culture around is revival. That same culture may be full of luxuries and comforts that allow us to ignore or minimize such a fundamental truth at times, but then a weekend of stories comes along to leave absolutely no doubt about our current place in the universe.

Lost. Depraved. Deserving of the abyss. What a stench we leave behind as we rot beyond recognition.

1) What’s the answer to the question, “What’s worse than Brett Kavanaugh?” Well, whatever it is, it apparently isn’t kidnapping, torture, rape, and murder. That’s according to a writer for Jimmy Kimmel, who is so disturbed by the jurist’s nomination for the U.S. Supreme Court that she tweeted, “The Federalist Society is currently a bigger threat to the basic safety of Americans than MS-13.”

Yes, the conservative Washington, D.C., think tank that plays a significant role in recommending judges has been deemed a more clear and present danger by the progressive mind than thugs who on any given day might make jihadists blush. So let’s test that theory.

How about Kimmel and company book Kavanaugh on the show one night and a few of the fellas from MS-13 the next? From which guests will he have armed guards standing by to protect him, after he makes jokes about how the Second Amendment should be repealed? Good times.

2) A German medical student was recently allowedTEDx forum to share her belief that pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation. Hard to stop that “love is love” train once it picks up some steam, ain’t it?

One day you’re being told "bake the cake, bigot." Then, just a few short years later, you know the answer to that question: You might just be a bigot if you don’t sympathize with a grown man who thinks your kindergartner is hot.

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