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Vote Alert: House: Expand Federal Control of Education

Conservative Review

This vote was to reauthorize the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act for through 2020. No Child Left Behind represented an unprecedented expansion by the federal government into education. Overall this legislation is a missed opportunity for a Republican controlled congress to empower parents and put children first. Conservatives believe education decisions should be made by state and local officials, yet this bill retains the fundamental mandate requiring states to concoct uniform standards in reading and math that would be applied statewide throughout all jurisdictions. The bill keeps the plethora of federal testing requirements that have been the driving force behind the adoption of Common Core. Likewise, it does nothing to address the duplicate and wasteful programs funded by the Department of Education, but in reality actually expands education control into preschool programs. Instead of renewing the 2001 law with minor changes, conservatives should be implementing sweeping reforms that allow states to drive innovation in their own school districts. The bill passed the House on December 2, 2015 359-64.

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Conservative position: NO

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