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WATCH: Michelle Malkin OBLITERATES 'disgrace' Jim Acosta

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In a fierce appearance on Fox News Wednesday, CRTV host Michelle Malkin dropped truth bombs on immigration and the sorry state of U.S. border security and called CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta a "disgrace" for suggesting that President Donald Trump's criticism of the press might incite violence.

On immigration, Malkin responded to news that a "caravan" of illegal immigrants has finally reached the U.S. border.

"The bottom-line question that I've tackled for more than 20 years now is whether America is a nation of laws or a nation of outlaws. Whether we are a sovereign nation or whether we are a sanctuary nation," Malkin said.

"These caravans are exploiting every aspect of laxity in the system," Malkin explained, pointing to the backlog of immigration cases, "catch and release," and other weaknesses in our immigration law. She called for Congress to act on border security.

"It has to be comprehensive immigration enforcement reform that we adopt," she said.

Malkin was also asked to comment on CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta's complaint that President Donald Trump's attacks on the press "could inspire violence" against reporters when taken seriously by people who "don't have all their faculties."

"Let's un-peel this rotten banana," Malkin said. "First of all, there is the very common disparagement of Trump voters and their intellect and their abilities of discernment. And a bottom-dweller, a basement-dweller like Jim Acosta shouldn't be talking about anybody else's intellectual faculties."

"Number two, what is he really doing when he attacks the presidents for his criticisms, and his very justified criticisms of the propaganda media — namely CNN and the collusion narrative network? What he's trying to do is delegitimize this criticism of the press to take this tool away from the president."

Malkin slammed Acosta for suggesting that President Trump has incited violence among his supporters.

"What a disgrace for this journalist to be falsely smearing Trump supporters and President Trump himself for inciting violence when we know over the last several years that it is organized leftist activities, the Soros groups, the Antifa groups, who are the ones who have fomented violence and division in this country."

Lastly, Malkin talked about her upcoming appearance at the Manhattan Film Festival this weekend, where she will host a discussion panel after the screening of an episode of her CRTV show "Michelle Malkin Investigates."

"We are very, very pleased and very humbled and honored to be a feature film at the Manhattan Film Festival on Sunday, 6:00 p.m. at Cinema Village for an episode that I did called 'Railroaded: Surviving Wrongful Convictions.'"

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