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We all need to grab hold & shake the GOP's foundations

Conservative Review

Steve Bannon of Breitbart News has made himself clear: He will utilize his influential website as a weapon against establishment candidates in the 2018 upcoming primaries.

Though Bannon claims he is a nationalist populist and not a conservative, the strategy can closely emulate that which conservatives have been using in the past decade to shake the foundations of the Republican Party.

It has been said that not since Ronald Reagan has a Republican president offended the Republican elites and their lackeys as Donald Trump. Conservatives take exception to the reasons why that may be true, but at least for now the common goal of breaking apart the D.C. power structure that rewards Big Government ought to override these squabbles.

And the Democratic Party is also making itself abundantly clear: It’s for everything the American people are against. Yet while we have relegated Democrats to minority status in D.C., and overall in the states, they still hold power because the Republican establishment keeps them in power by their constant aisle-crossing. This must end.

The long tentacles of Establishment Inc. start with the entrenched Mitch McConnell and include revolving-door congressional aides-turned consultants, -turned lobbyists, -turned opinion makers whose opinions are based on who greases their palms, like John Feehery.

Feehery wrote a full-body massage for the Republican establishment in The Hill. He’s a perfect stooge who can help illustrate the fake authority of the establishment.

Helping the Democrats is junk-logic

People like John Feehery argue that any effort mounted to defeat their preferred establishment candidates in a primary will only help the Democrats. Here’s why that is junk-logic.

First, it is a belief, not a certainty, that a more traditionally conservative candidate can’t win against a Democrat, because the old guard thinks that conservatism is extreme. But conservatism is not extreme — it pushes back against the extreme positions of the Left. Meanwhile, the old guard embraces more moderate versions of the Left’s stated positions so as to keep together the power structure in D.C. These actions, you’ll notice, when repeated for decades, move the federal government consistently to the crazy-Left.

Second, it is shameful yet unmistakably true, that the ruling class within the Republican Party believe it is their job to pick the winners and losers for their voters. That is upside down, because the Constitution provides the people with the right to pick their representatives. This is why there is so much deceit during a primary from the Republican ruling-class candidate. Rather than get an authentic conservative to run, the ruling class picks a leftward-lurch lackey and dresses him or her up in conservative clothing, because they know their voters are traditionally conservative.

Third, if the conservative candidate actually wins the primary, after all the hijinks and obstacles thrown at his or her feet, the establishment works together to undermine him or her in the general election, in a sour-grapes punk move, to make their prophecy that the conservative can’t win self-fulfilling.

Save us the buttoned-down finger-wagging

People like John Feehery also condescendingly finger-wag against the natural rebelliousness of Americans by claiming there is only one way to win, and that is to fall in line, and follow the plan that the small group of Republican hacks surrounding Mitch McConnell have hatched. That’s just stupid on general grounds.

First, this is America. The way the Republican establishment does things runs parallel to its inability to make a stand. The members are so much like the Loyalist to our Continental Army. We have come to the point that due to the constant leftward lurch that it itself has reinforced, the federal government represents the oppression that King George was to the colonists, and the Republican establishment defends remaining loyal to this oppressor because they are personally enriched.

Second, the fastest way to piss off an American is to tell them what to do and how to do it. We will always do what needs to get done and we’ll do it our way.

Third, following along with the Republican ruling class upholds the status quo, and runs exactly opposite to our task as freedom-loving Americans.

Don’t change the subject; we’ll attack the Democrats after the primary

People like John Feehery always tell us that we don’t attack the Democrats enough, and that we should never say a bad word against a Republican while invoking — and therefore besmirching — the name of Ronald Reagan.

This is unforgivable yet typical, and meant to cordon off all those who would rebel against their plans and label them purists or extremists. We are not the extremists, the Democrats are, and it is the Republican establishment and its mules who go along with the Democrats once in office.

We are not purists, the Democrats are, purely opposed to all things American.

The inevitable “Eleventh Commandment” rule often used in argument by establishment lackeys is a way to shut people up who revere Ronald Reagan, and to give the false impression that the establishment really has always been on Reagan’s side to begin with. But in this action members of the establishment expose their own hatred of Reagan and conservative America.

Ronald Reagan spoke of the Eleventh Commandment and not attacking a fellow Republican because he was viciously personally attacked by the Republican establishment and its lackeys back then. Policy and candidate history are fair game.

Now, I don’t expect Steve Bannon to make the decisions for me or any other human being in this nation. I clearly take Donald Trump’s endorsements with a grain of salt after the Luther Strange debacle. But We the People are on primary duty from here through next year, and we have to agree on some things.

At this point, we must agree that in order for the people to govern once again in this nation, we have to sever the ties that the Republican Party has with the nation’s enemy — the Democratic Party, which at this point is so far left it is full-on socialist Marxist (which, make no mistake, is the death of America).

Therefore, we must agree that the Republican establishment must be shaken to its knees in order to bring this nation back to what made it great in the first place.

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