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Conservative Review

I was kind of appalled by the number of conservatives that bought the talking point that Trump’s deal with the Democrats was the work of an artful master, just trying to get his agenda going. The theory was, that Trump wasn’t getting what he wanted from the “do-nothing” GOP, so he played hardball and made a kissy-kissy-smoochey deal with “Chuck and Nancy.”

All weekend long people praised Trump’s decisiveness and mocked the Republicans in Congress for what I considered to be a political blunder, but now I am suspect of a different scheme at play.

First of all, the argument that Trump has made a deal with the Democrats to expose the Republican Party doesn’t make sense. The Republican Party’s actions over the past decade, and especially during the Obama administration, have already exposed its leadership and direction. So, Trump doesn’t need to expose the Republicans; they are exposed.

Second, it is a lie that Trump needed Chuck and Nancy to “get things done” — i.e. “what he campaigned on.” His campaign never said that he would make a deal with the Democrats to spend the people’s money without limits to get his agenda done. That fact was only implied by his past dealings with government monies and the fact that he never discussed cutting spending per se, only that he would make better deals. Besides that, the GOP leadership never saw a debt ceiling they didn’t want to blow a hole through.

Third — and perhaps this is a side note, but it must be pointed out — to explain Trump’s reasoning for everything he does as non-ideological is misstating ideology. The Democrats are ideologues, because they believe in policies to help the fiscal and or social standing of the American people, but have been proven by history to only worsen the plight of the people they claim they are trying to help. The Republican leadership, and many of so-called “moderates,” have bought into that ideology in order to curry favor with the Democrats and run away from the yoke of responsibility that comes with being righteous.

The thing that is most often misstated is that conservatism is an ideology. And when pundits imply that conservatism is just some ideology that Trump doesn’t follow, it calls into question the legitimacy and effectiveness of conservative policy, to something like a belief system that could be debunked. So when a conservative calls conservatism an “ideology” it exposes their own lack of understanding in what is the only course.

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