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'We like to start arguments': CRTV's expanded 'Steve Deace Show' will air live on Glenn Beck's TheBlaze

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Starting Monday, author, commentator, and CRTV host Steve Deace will expand the “Steve Deace Show” on CRTV from one to two hours and will air his program live on TheBlaze.

Deace joined TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck on his radio program Friday to introduce himself to TheBlaze's audience and discuss why his show is unique in conservative media. "We wanted somebody with some real meat on the bones and a guy who I have really grown to love," Beck said of Deace.

"We have a slightly different way of doing things than what you would probably typically hear in conservative talk radio," Deace said. "One is we're mindful of the things we're actually trying to conserve ... the values and virtues that made America exceptional and where they came from in the first place. We like to start arguments even more than we like to win them."


In a statement, Deace spoke with enthusiasm of CRTV's partnership with TheBlaze.

We’re very excited to return to live programming, and the joining of audiences with the partnership of CRTV and The Blaze. We’re honored our show is the bridge to launch it. We are gonna do our best to fear God, tell the truth, and make money — in that order. And have as much fun as we can while doing so, because if you can’t poke fun at a systemic cultural collapse, what can you laugh at?

The expanded "Steve Deace Show" will broadcast from noon to 2 p.m. ET starting Monday, Oct. 15. Episodes of The Steve Deace Show will remain on demand at CRTV. The "CR Roundtable" hosted by Deace will be available exclusively at CRTV.

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