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WTF MSM!? CNN’s Cillizza posts photo of Trump in crosshairs

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Tone …

Threat? … CNN’s Chris Cillizza, who like his colleague Brian Stelter often complains about President Donald Trump’s tone and demeanor, sent out a tweet that included a photograph of Trump in crosshairs. Here, see for yourself. After facing serious backlash, Cillizza deleted the tweet and blamed the software he uses to make GIFs. Sorry, Chris, you saw the image on your tweet. You kept it up after seeing the image. You knew exactly what you were doing. I wonder if the Secret Service has paid you a visit yet.

Really … Wired’s Andrew Rice is out with a piece that seems to normalize the vile threats against FCC chairman Ajit Pai, including death threats. His piece, “This is Ajit Pai, nemesis of net neutrality,” includes a line from an anonymous net neutrality supporter saying, “But you’re not allowed to try to destroy the internet and then be treated well by the internet. The internet should hate him.” Remember: Pai gets death threats.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr replied to a tweet by Wired that highlighted the above quote by saying:

No policy debate justifies death threats against an official

The debate over Internet regulation is important & consumers deserve a fact-based discussion

Employing multi-Pinocchio claims about the end of the Internet to bless hate-filled threats should be condemned not praised

Carr is absolutely right.

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