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WTF MSM!? Kid Rock clickbait

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What was the story about? …

George Will blasts McConnell and Strange … Writing in the Washington Post this weekend, George Will took some pretty strong jabs at Alabama interim Senator Luther Strange for his apparent ethical lapses. Through Strange, he also attacked Mitch McConnell, who is supporting Strange in the special election to fill AG Sessions’ seat. All things that constitutional conservatives agree with. Will also mentioned Robert “Kid Rock” Ritchie in a throwaway line at the end. So of course the WaPost used Kid Rock’s pic.

Way to shoehorn Kid Rock into a column that had nothing to do with him. Gotta get the clicks!

Leggo my Lego … CNN’s Jake Tapper went to a Lego convention with his kids this weekend. He tweeted out a pic of a Lego Trump. The pic had Trump with a German cross, the words Airshit, and “Gone Forever. Aaron Hernandez.” Hernandez was the murderer who played for the Patriots who allegedly hung himself. The internet melted down, until Tapper clarified where the pic came from. Probably not the best decision to tweet that photo. Tapper has since deleted the original tweet.

Comedienne against free speech … Chelsea Handler, a comedienne and daily Netflix talk show host, tweeted something rather chilling last night: “2 Chinese guys were arrested in Berlin for making nazi salutes. Wouldn't it be nice 2 have laws here for people who think racism is funny?” Racism is vile, but limiting speech is more vile. Comedians usually are the strongest supporters of the right to offend. This is troubling coming from a member of that community.

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