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WTF MSM!? Late night Nazi salute

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So “woke” …

Stephen Colbert’s Nazi salute … The Daily Beast writes that, after a two-week hiatus, Stephen Colbert returned to his late-night CBS show and promptly gave Donald Trump a Nazi salute for the events in Charlottesville. Colbert, whose show is now overtly political rather than comedic, bashed President Trump for a host of perceived wrongs and then casually threw up the salute. Remember when the late shows used to be a nightly escape?

Playboy WH correspondent’s upset stomach … Life’s too short to live every day going to a job that you hate and makes you sick. Brian Karem, who writes for Playboy and the Sentinel newspapers, tweeted that “being in the WH press room” gives him “nausea.” And offered a handy guide in Playboy about how to “decipher Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ gibberish.” Imagine if that was Steven Crowder saying that about a female Democrat press secretary. The “woke” would be screaming misogyny, but then again, this was published at Playboy …

SPLC’s “wokeness engine” under attack … The storied civil rights organization that is now just an outrage factory for the Left known as the Southern Poverty Law Center is under renewed attack by conservatives. The SPLC routinely puts mainstream conservative organizations on hate group lists and has been accused of taking payments to do so. Many conservatives have signed a letter asking media organizations to stop taking them seriously.

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