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WTF MSM!? Rev up your chainsaw bayonets …

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Vroom, vroom …

Oh, USA Today … The graphics animation team at USA Today couldn’t help themselves. They really wanted to one-up the cringeworthy CNN animation of a “bump stock” in action. In a tweet, USA Today published an animated video of the types of modifications you could get on an AR-15-style weapon. After they included a — wait for it — chainsaw bayonet, they issued a clarification saying the aforementioned accessory was only one of “other possible modifications.”

Twitter had a field day … Conservative Twitter had a field day with the hilarious video and clarifications. Many users helped USA Today with other suggested modifications. Twitchy, as always, had a great roundup. My personal favorite was the melding of the AR-15 with an “elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”

Where can I buy a chainsaw bayonet … Chainsaw bayonets come from video games — most notably Gears of War — and post-apocalyptic zombie stories. Some hobbyists and small companies have, in fact, decided to sell battery-powered chainsaw bayonets, mainly as a gag accessory. Based on how long it took to do a plunge cut with the device, as seen in this YouTube video, it doesn’t seem that dangerous. The fact that USA Today included it as a modification shows how devoid of gun knowledge the MSM really is.

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