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WTF MSM!? Trump didn’t build media mistrust, the media did

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“Ethics” summit …

It’s not about Trump … Yesterday, CNN media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter was a moderator at Poynter’s inaugural Journalism Ethics Summit in Washington, D.C. A common theme of the summit was a search for how to counter President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media. The lesson Stelter seemed to learn is that anyone who distrusts the media does so because of Trump. At least that is the impression one gets reading his daily email. Donald Trump is a symptom of the distrust Americans have for the media, not the cause. It’s not like conservatives woke up on Jan. 21, 2017 – the day after Trump’s inauguration – with some sort of new found distrust.

They can’t see their bias … One of the most striking quotes coming out of the “ethics” summit was from New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen, who said – presumably with a straight face – “Asymmetrical polarization means the right has been drifting right faster than the left has been drifting left.” Let’s unpack that. This journalism professor thinks the Right has been drifting further right, than the Left has been drifting left. Why? Could it be because he is so far-left that the Left is now drifting towards him? The Left now fully disbelieves the biological fact that there are two genders. Isn’t that proof enough of the magnitude of the Left’s drift?

Jim Acosta weighs in … Also at the summit was the poster boy for the Resistance at the White House, CNN’s Jim Acosta. The man still thinks he is not biased or partisan. Here’s what Acosta is reported to have said at the summit, “We’re not part of the 'Resistance,' that’s not our job.” He added, “But if journalism is under attack, we should resist.” Acosta also said, “That day with Stephen Miller ...  All I did was quote the Statue of Liberty to him and he imploded.” Sounds so non-confrontational the way he puts it. But his tone was confrontational, and the quote was selected to call into question the policy of the president — not to report on the facts of what that particular policy was. Acosta strayed into opinion, not reporting. He doesn’t seem to get that.

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