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A Clinton Presidency is a Win for Conservatism


Conservatives feel like they are on the ropes. This election has brought two left-wing statists to the forefront of the American political system. And Clinton is the lesser of two evils.

Hillary Clinton speaks at an event. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

By Joshua Hoskins, for TheBlaze

Conservatives feel like they are on the ropes. This election cycle has brought two left wing statists to the forefront of the American political system.

For constitutional conservatives, who believe in principle over party, values over idolatry, and that no one except God can “save” the country, we are faced with a horrible binary choice: Cancer or a bullet to the head.

On the one hand, there is Hillary Clinton. A corrupt, Saul Alinsky disciple, who would prefer to delete the Constitution than to adhere to it. A woman who believes that collectivism is the way to a better America, and that individuals cannot be trusted to chart their own destinies.

A woman who believes that the work of Margaret Sanger was invaluable to the progress of America, who cares that her work with Eugenics became some of the founding principles of the Nazi party. A woman who in one breath, rails against the greedy corporations and how they are destroying the middle class, and then turns and takes their money. A woman who epitomizes everything that is wrong with politics and the people we choose to send to Washington to represent our interests.

Hillary Clinton speaks at an event. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

But, with all of her shortcomings, Hillary Clinton is not the devil. She is not the cataclysmic, end of days’ horror that Republican pundits make her out to be. She represents the status quo.

America survived her husband. Conservativism thrived under her husband. The 1994 Republican Revolution led by then principled and brave Newt Gingrich, saw conservative Republicans take control of the Congress, and force the ever pragmatic President Bill Clinton to declare, “The era of big government is over.”

We survived President Barack Obama.

The 2010 and 2014 midterm elections saw sweeping victories for Republicans, specifically, conservative Republicans.

According to Reuters, “Republicans control both the governor’s mansion and legislature in 24 states, 70 of the nation’s 99 state legislative chambers, both chambers in 30 states, plus Nebraska’s single chamber, and 31 governor’s mansions.”

This is something that has never happened in the history of the Republican Party. On the federal level, the influence of the old guard has begun to wane. Conservatives ousted John Boehner, and the influence of Mitch McConnell is dissipating. The conservative grassroots pushed solid leaders like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ben Sasse, David Brat, and many others to Washington. These are men of principal and values, men who put conservative interests before the interests of the Republican Party.

These are NOT small or inconsequential victories. Change does not happen overnight. The liberal progressives know this. That is why they call themselves progressives. They have plotted and fought for years to get America to where we are now. So, it is impossible to think we can undo 100 years of progressivism in one election, or through one person.

Hillary Clinton is a cancer. She will continue to slowly eat away at the Constitutional system that America has relied on, but we have solid conservative antibodies, that at every turn will fight her and slow the cancer’s growth.

Donald Trump is a bullet to the head. He is a man that represents the antithesis of everything conservatives and constitutionalists have been fighting for. This is the man that has said he has never asked God for forgiveness. He calls for authoritarian style control of businesses, has called for isolationism, and protectionism, has called for the trampling of the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth, and 10th Amendments. This is a man that has no principles, has no guiding moral or ethical compass. This is a man whose ambitions to become president are fueled not by a love of country and freedom, but a love of himself.

At his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, he barely mentioned the words freedom, liberty, and Constitution. While at the same time, saying that only he can save this country.

No, Mr. Trump that is incorrect. No one man can save this country, because no one man BUILT this country.

This country was created, and thrived not because we had “strong leaders,” but because we had a strong, brave, hardworking, people. By shifting the emphasis away from the power of the people to the power of the individual, Donald Trump has succeeded in shifting the Republican Party away from the principles in which it was founded and the principles that have allowed America to succeed.

This is not a man who will respect the separation of powers, of state’s rights, or federalism. This is a man, who will use and abuse the power of the presidency to get what he wants done, to hell with checks and balances. He is unbalanced and willfully ignorant to the functions and responsibilities of the three branches, and why the founders established our system this way. He is a danger to Republican distribution of power. He is the bullet to the head of the conservative cause.

If he becomes president, he will trample our rights, and because the Republican Party serves only itself and not the Constitution, the party will go right along with him.

There will be no check on his power. In doing so, he will push more people into the arms of the Democratic liberal, progressive, party. All the work of the last 30 years in scaling back the progressive agenda will be lost. He will forever paint the Republican Party with the brush of authoritarianism, racism, and xenophobia. It will take years to rebuild our brand, and by that time the fight may well have been lost. He will effectively kill the liberty movement in America.

But, if he loses, and by a wide, undisputable margin, it will show America that conservatives reject him and what he stands for. It will show America, that we, the conservative movement, have morals, ethics, and actually stand for something and not someone. It will show America, that we are not hypocrites. That we are people who put principle above party, and values above idolatry. It will allow us to maintain credibility and garner respect.

That is how you win elections. Not by watering down your principles, sacrificing your convictions, but by showing the American people that you believe in something so passionately that you are willing to sacrifice everything for it.

And like the progressive movement that has infected our politics and culture over the last 100 years, we will begin to grow and begin to affect the changes we have been fighting for.

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