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A Constitutionalist argument for Trump: Congress' ability to impeach


Congress would impeach Trump if he became an out of control dictator. Can you say they would do the same to Clinton?

The facade of the National Constitution Center illuminated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Mark Makela/Corbis)

In 2016 we face the choice between the two most unpopular candidates in the past 30 years.

Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump hold diametrically opposite views of America’s culture, current status and necessary policy changes. However, there is an even more alarming difference between them: the ability of Congress to safeguard our nation from them.

Many writers and commentators have come forward with concerns over each candidate’s potential to exceed the constitutional powers of the presidency. Many like Eric Zuesse believe that Clinton holds the support of oligarchs "So: her messages are also their messages." Others like Andrei Kozyrev are convinced that Trump will conduct a nearly autocratic presidency.

The facade of the National Constitution Center illuminated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Mark Makela/Corbis) The facade of the National Constitution Center illuminated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Mark Makela/Corbis)

Brad Thor questioned how America could respond to an out of control Trump. Controversial comments aside, if Trump becomes president of the United States and exceeds his powers: Congress will impeach him. With Trump’s seemingly reluctant support from congressional republicans and leadership this outcome seems certain given the overwhelming support democrats would lend to ending a Trump presidency.

The danger to the republic lies in the inability to impeach would-be President Clinton. Quite simply the political will does not exist in Congress to impeach the first woman elected President of the United States.

We can look back at outgoing President Barack Obama's second term to support this argument. Obama withstood opposition with no real threat of impeachment for numerous abuses of executive power after his 2012 re-election in spite of the Republican majority in both houses. Rush Limbaugh stated it clearly : “You can’t impeach the first black president,” “No matter how corrupt or lawless.”

If Americans elect Clinton mainly on the basis of her gender as shown in a 2014 Gallup Poll than they will not easily tolerate her impeachment nor the embarrassment it would bring to a nation that spearheaded women’s rights for over a century. Today the demagogues of the Democratic Party like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi regularly repeat the refrain of the “War on Women.” So it takes little imagination to envision their response to congressional attempts to restrain or oust Clinton. For our members of congress: a vote to impeach Hillary Clinton would be tantamount to political suicide.

Whether you agree with the policies of Trump or not, he is the safer candidate for the presidency because the safeguards built into our Constitution against executive overreach can function correctly in his case. Under Clinton, those safeguards will surely fail and our nation will be defenseless against the ongoing march of big government progressivism.

Matt Holloway is a millennial constitutional conservative commentator & journalist covering the Phoenix area market writing and reporting on politics, faith, history and news. To contact him email:: TheMattHollowayShow@outlook.com or Tweet @MattDHoll

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