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Does Obamacare Cover Psychopathic Lying?
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Does Obamacare Cover Psychopathic Lying?

For the sake of president, I certainly hope so.

For the sake of president, I certainly hope so.

How hath Obama lied? Let us count the ways.

One month ago, Obama was claiming that in order that his Orwellian system not implode (it will) he absolutely required seven million young, healthy subscribers by now.

And? (drum-roll here): Obama today claims three million.

Less than half.

But, suddenly, the entirety of the Obama administration has become afflicted with collective amnesia - is that covered?

[sharequote align="center"]The entire Obama administration has become afflicted with collective amnesia - is that covered?[/sharequote]

The truth is, the original estimate was correct: if Obama doesn't double - DOUBLE - legitimate enrollees in the next several weeks, Obamacare goes bust. Boom. Exposed for the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme it is.

Incidentally, Obama tells us that, somehow overnight, the profile of the sign-ups went - Viola! - from the elderly sick to the young, sprightly, appallingly healthy.

Zero Hedge. Zero Hedge. 

It's a lie - notwithstanding the "New York Times" and other mainstream media heralding the story with breathless - and utterly unquestioning - page one urgency - "STOP THE PRESSES! I'VE GOT OUR HEADLINE!"

And while we're at it, so is the essence of Obama's phony claim of three million overnight new sign-ups. They refuse to reveal the data substantiating their wildly creative numbers.

In fact, there is a substantial school of thought that holds Obama's numbers are fiction.

For openers, all the people who sign on do NOT sign up. For every inquiry (which Obama counts as a sign up), there are several who cruise the sight but never actually register - meaning they do not pay.

This is the same as claiming all the people in New England who log on to the Boston Red Sox web site to inquire about season ticket prices have purchased season tickets.

Not. The. Same. Thing.

Then there is the even more interesting - and utterly plausible - conspiracy angle: that Obama has activated his armies (ACORN, Organizing for America, Hope & Change Society, the American Communist Party, NPR) to mass-flood the Obamacare site with mere inquiries - knowing these will provide cover for the claim that these "visitors" will be counted as "sign ups."

Not. The. Same. Thing.

Image source: Bloomberg Image source: Bloomberg 

In fact, maybe, a criminal conspiracy.

Then there is this nagging - one might say terribly inconvenient truth, which CAN be proven. For every person Obama claims he has signed up, two Americans' health policies have been cancelled.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Even if one were to concede Obama's fantastic claim of this sudden, massive surge into the program of young, healthy kids with money to pump into the system, the known fact is that for every new enrollee, two Americans have had their families health coverage yanked from beneath them.


Only in Obama-world is that considered a winning formula.

Perhaps this helps explain why some of the staunchest, most partisan, public defenders - i.e. nakedly Obamunist mouthpieces - have started a movement - nay, a stampede! - jumping the sinking Obama-Care ship.

In the last two to three days, some of the most ardently supportive Obamacare zombies have take then pledge - of rationality. Knowing they were oarsmen on a sinking ship in the Roman Fleet, they want off - NOW!


Rats off a sinking ship? In several cases, yes.

Others were simply (and simplemindedly) lured into the usual auto-pilot of Obama defense.

They are learning they are playing a losing game.

Despite the avalanche of compelling evidence - and sheer common sense - arguing against all the fundamentals of Obamacare, Obama remains undeterred in his single-minded jihad against all private (read: job-based) health insurance.

In a political universe in which facts simply do not matter, we, who get sick with the bill, face a herculean but viable task: Change the universe.

Our very lives depend upon it.

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