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For all the girls


No matter how loudly they shout, cry, or laugh the world has them on mute.

(AP Photo/Justin Lynch, File)

This week the world celebrated the International Day of the Girl. This fact roils up two powerful sensations for many women and girls. First: gratitude. Second: longing.

Our gratitude is due to the fact that we live in a time and space where our voice is clearer, stronger, and freer to be heard than any other time in recorded history. Our longing is because we feel the pangs of so many of our sisters around the globe who live as if suffering from severe strep throat. No matter how loudly they shout, cry, or laugh the world has them on mute.

Sudan and South Sudan stand like evil twins, mocking the suffering of their sisters. There is literally no worse place on the planet to be a girl than in Sudan and South Sudan.

(AP Photo/Justin Lynch, File)

Sudan continues its raping and chemical warfare upon Darfur and Nuba Mountains while South Sudan boasts a world-leading role in maternal death rate, children birthing children, female illiteracy, and government-sanctioned rape camps.

Let those of us, both male and female, who have the matching gifts of freedom and gratitude, raise our voice in the following ways.

  1. Educate ourselves—and others—about what is happening in Sudan and South Sudan: The Disappearance of Sunday, TIMES piece by John Pendergast and Reports on Chemical Bombing in Nuba Mountains.
  2. Plan of Action and Government Role YOUR voice can influence
  3. Provide Complete Care, Education, and Protection for one or more girls living and longing in Sudan or South Sudan

FOR ALL THE GIRLS, may FREEDOM ring through our voices!

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