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Health Care Versus Obamacare


care exists to treat and care. Obamacare exists to expand government, 
dependency, and control.

A much-needed reminder about health care versus Obamacare, which, for 
President Obama and the Left, was never about health care:

Many on the Left argue that health care is a "right."

Access to health care 
is not a legal or civil right along the lines of say, equal protection under 
the law or the right to free speech. That said, in the richest nation in 
the history of the world, nobody should go sick or untreated for lack of 
resources. And in the richest nation in the history of the world, no one 

If someone sought out medical care yet had no insurance and no money, 
they were still treated, because that's who we are - who we've always 
been - as a nation. Before Obamacare (and after), the U.S. has had a 
gazillion social welfare programs in place to help those in need get the 
care they need: Medicare for the elderly; Medicaid for the poor; WIC for 
women and their babies; and if someone were really, really broke, they could 
still walk into any hospital or doctor's office and get treated. The social 
safety net has always been extensive.

When the Obamacare debate began (and to this day), nobody was saying that no 
reform of the health care system was needed. Of course reform was needed. 
But you could have taken care of many of the issues - including the cost and 
access to affordable insurance and the overall cost of health care - through 
free-market and patient-based reforms: portability, tort and tax reform, 
allowing to buy and carry insurance across state lines, etc. You didn't 
need to nationalize one-sixth of the U.S. economy to address those things.

That's why Obamacare was never about health care or health insurance for 
Obama and the Left: it was ALWAYS and ONLY about government power and 
control. And that's why they're not freaking out about the Obamacare 
website and other problems - because they were never that interested in 
actually getting it to work. They were only interested in slamming it into 
place to leverage it as part of Obama's "fundamental transformation of the 

Now that Obama's starting to feel some political heat over it, he may move 
to make some changes, possibly a delay (although the only reason he'd do 
that is to push its start past the 2014 elections to help Democrats avoid 
the disaster as long as possible).

He will not fire anyone. He never has. 
Not Attorney General Eric Holder after he lied to Congress, not the IRS 
folks, not the Fast and Furious folks, not the Benghazi folks. There never 
has been accountability in the "most transparent administration in history," 
so don't look for it now. The only way he'd fire someone (and I doubt it 
would be someone as high-profile as Health and Human Services Secretary 
Kathleen Sebelius) is if his poll numbers slip even further. They're pretty 
low now, but if they go lower, he'll look to deflect attention from himself. 
Only then will any heads roll, and I'm sure they'd be re-instated after a 
while, the way the Benghazi Four were over at the State Department.

As we move forward, please don't confuse health care with Obamacare. Health 
care exists to treat and care. Obamacare exists to expand government, 
dependency, and control.

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