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Obama Funds Lawyers for Terrorists, Snubs Whistleblowers


When the whistleblowers testify before Congress about Benghazi and what the American public needs to know about that terrorist attack, the whistleblowers will be seated next to their lawyers, lawyers they had to hire on their own. If only they were terrorists, perhaps the Obama administration would have paid for the lawyers.

At the same time as the Obama administration was busy harassing lawyers for state department officials looking to testify before the House Oversight Committee, the Pentagon was looking to make it easier for terrorist Omar Khadr to get out of jail. 

Khadr was born in Canada, raised in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and comes from a family with strong connections to terrorism and al Qaida. In 2002, he killed Sgt. Christopher Speer after a firefight on an Afghan battlefield. This is the man American taxpayers are now trying to free from jail through an appeal of his conviction.

From the Globe and Mail:

“The Pentagon’s Office of the Chief Defense Counsel has named an appellate team of attorneys for Mr. Khadr led by a civilian Sam Morison. Now armed with a formal go-ahead from Mr. Khadr, the team is expected to file the appeal soon.” 

The key word in that paragraph is team. I find it unbelievable that the Pentagon has appointed a team of attorneys to launch an appeal to try and set a convicted terrorist free.

Thank you President Obama.

I bet you are wondering how this could happen aren’t you. I mean Khadr plead guilty didn’t he?

It says so right there on page one of his confession; “Plead guilty to all charges and specifications.” 

Later on page two Khadr said that he waived his right to appeal.

Khadr’s cheerleaders, and there are many, love to claim that he was forced to accept this deal, he had no choice but he didn’t really mean it. That’s not what his confession states.

“No person or persons made any attempt to force or coerce me into making this offer or to plead guilty. I enter into this agreement voluntarily of my own free will.”

Salim Hamdan (AP) Omar Khadr (wiki commons)

So he admitted guilt and he waived his right to appeal while swearing that no one coerced him into doing this. Why an appeal then? Because two other terrorists at Gitmo had their convictions overturned after the Obama administration paid for their appeals. One of those men is Salim Hamdan, the personal driver of Osama bin Laden who was captured during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. Hamdan is an interesting man because he has been involved in a couple of court cases that could set U.S. precedent.  He appealed his original charges all the way to the Supreme Court in a case called Hamdan v Rumsfeld. He won and the entire military court process had to be restarted. He was eventually convicted, released, appealed and won again. 

Kind of shocking given that the left continues to claim the entire US justice system is stacked against the poor terrorists. 

I mean, they keep getting court appeals.They keep forcing changes to the law and court system through these appeals and they keep getting these appeals paid for by US taxpayers. So unfair.

Hamdan and another terrorist Ali al-Bahlul, had their convictions thrown out recently. In both rulings the essence of the judgement has been that the men were convicted of crimes that were not recognized by international law when they were committed.

This is now Khadr’s hope and the Obama administration is working hard to make it happen by appointing a team of lawyers. Not one or two, but a team of lawyers to argue on his behalf. He’s not even in their custody anymore, but they still want to set him free. 

It all becomes more bizarre when you consider that Khadr isn’t even in American custody anymore, he was transferred to Canadian custody last fall.

Compare all of this support for a self-confessed murderer and terrorist to the harassment of government officials who simply want the public to know the truth about another terrorist incident, last September’s Benghazi attack.

If we believe that where someone spends their money tells us about what they value, than we’ve just learned a great deal about the Obama administration.


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