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Planned Parenthood Proves That 'Pro-Choicers' Hate Women
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Planned Parenthood Proves That 'Pro-Choicers' Hate Women

The women running Planned Parenthood have rejected this beautiful feature of femininity, consequently becoming a deformed mockery of womanhood. They are the anti-woman

You've no doubt heard about the second video, released this week, showing a Planned Parenthood executive negotiating compensation for extracted baby organs. Mary Gatter, a medical director in California, blithely converses with the undercover investigators about the prices for body parts. She refers to the discussion as a "negotiation" and worries that if she throws out a figure first, she might end up with a "lowball" number.

Gatter says she will talk to her abortionist hit man about making sure he kills the children in a way that preserves their most valuable sections. Similar to Deborah Nucatola, the woman in the first video, she talks about slicing up child murder victims like they're Thanksgiving turkeys. She says she'll tell the abortionist to use "a less crunchy technique" when he demolishes their tiny bodies, and acknowledges that they aren't allowed to change an abortion method in anticipation of "donating" the child's pieces, but rejects the federal law as a "specious little argument."


She ultimately accepts a higher price than she initially quoted, and leaves the conversation by mentioning she might want to raise it again.

"If it's still low, we can bump it up," she says. "I want a Lamborghini."

Planned Parenthood has naturally played the victim, whining that all of this is taken out of context, and insisting that, if only they weren't so misrepresented, we would all understand that it's totally cool to "crunch" babies and traffic in their mutilated parts. One imagines the KKK might make a similar argument if you accidentally walked into a meeting right at the part where the Grand Dragon declares all blacks should be tarred and feathered and hung from a tree.

"No, no, don't jump to conclusions! You have to understand the torture and lynching of innocent people in context!"

In any event, the first video already confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt the Planned Parenthood sells dead babies for profit. But if it wasn't definitive enough, the newest footage ought to dispel any remaining doubts.


If Planned Parenthood is only interested in recouping expenses for transportation and storage, there would not be any "negotiation" at all. Their costs are their costs. If it were just a matter of making up for lost money, there wouldn't be a discussion. There wouldn't be any "bumping up" so that anyone can buy a Lamborghini. The prices would be set.

Let's say I offer to drive you to the next town, but let's say I'm cheap and ask that you reimburse me for the gas. Would it make sense if I then tell you to "make me an offer" for the ride? If I all I want is compensation for gas, the calculations should be rather simple. Gas costs what it costs. That's what you owe me. You haggle over price only when you want to make extra (or, as economists call it, "profit"). It's as simple as that. End of story. They are trying to profit. They got caught. It's illegal. Period. No context needed.

Liberals who still refuse to condemn Planned Parenthood -- which is almost all of them, with rare exception -- have announced, either explicitly or implicitly, that they categorically do not care about what is right, true, humane, or moral. They have laid all of these concerns as burnt offerings on the altar of Liberalism, and in the process become morally indistinguishable from Nazi sympathizers. Thus, all of the rest of their opinions are worthless, and no rational person ought to respect their point of view or take any of their perspectives about anything seriously. If you are too selfish, obtuse, indifferent, brainwashed, or cruel to unequivocally condemn the trafficking and murder of infants, then you forfeit all intellectual credibility.

But, as I said last week, the silence from the media, the endorsement from liberals, the very act of selling dead baby parts -- none of these should shock us. What should have shocked us in the first place is not that Planned Parenthood sells dead babies, but that they legally kill them. Whoever embraces the latter proposition has no real reason to reject the former. If you are against granting basic human rights to a certain segment of the population, and if you are so hostile to this group that you won't even oppose their violent annihilation, why would you suddenly develop a conscience over the comparatively minor issue of how this lifeless, non-human, parasitic subspecies is disposed?

Certainly, as far as these Planned Parenthood officials go, it should come as no surprise that they would stoop to something so base and inhumane. I wouldn't honestly be startled to find out Cecile Richards exfoliates with the blood of murdered infants while chanting passages from the Satanic Bible every night. These are practitioners of pure, unadulterated evil. Anything is possible with them. Literally anything.

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Remember, the women in the videos are managers of mass murder. This is what they do for a living. Every single day of their lives is spent facilitating infanticide. These are women who have abandoned their souls and their womanhood for the sake of profit. Indeed, the fact that they are women adds another level of dreadfulness to this whole affair.

In saner cultures, it is gratefully understood that women have a maternal instinct, making them particularly caring and loving towards the most innocent and helpless. The women running Planned Parenthood have rejected this beautiful feature of femininity, consequently becoming a deformed mockery of womanhood. They are the anti-woman. The unwoman. A sacrilegious, personified caricature of femininity.

We know that the greatest and most powerful things can, when drained of virtue, become the most hideous and tyrannical. This is why the women behind Planned Parenthood are so intensely, absurdly evil. They have taken the maternal instinct and turned it against itself, and the result is horrifying. I mean, they even look like villainous characters in a dystopian science fiction film, with their dead eyes, and their weird smirks, and the delight they seem to find in discussing the craft of disassembling infants. The men, of course, are just as bad, but I think it's worth noting how particularly twisted it is that progressivism has turned femininity, of all things, into this violent, anti-child, predatory monstrosity.

It seems like Satan came up with Planned Parenthood as a diabolical spoof of the sacred institution of the family. Executioners, mostly men, masquerade as "doctors," doing the manual labor of infanticide at the behest of their female leaders. For their part, mothers, rather than going to a medical facility to deliver their children, come to have their offspring vacuumed out of their birth canals and thrown into the trash or sold to scientists. They are escorted into the clinic either by a cowardly, emasculated husband or boyfriend, relieved to be free of the burden of fatherhood, or some clinic volunteer, often a man, who shuffles the mothers in and out quickly and efficiently (in plenty of cases, it should be mentioned, the father does not consent to this "procedure," and is very much a tragic victim). Each person assumes a subverted, backwards, carnival mirror version of their proper and natural role.

That's one thing I kept thinking about when I watched the last undercover video. Take away the vacant glare and the sinister smile and the talk of murdering children, and Mary Gatter might vaguely resemble someone's grandma. Maybe she is someone's grandma. Aside from the comic book super villain dimensions of her personality, she looks like she could be pinching cheeks and baking cookies and treating children with the gentle, nurturing care of a truly feminine woman, instead of laughing about crunching their bones and selling their livers.

And she is not an aberration. Whether Gatter, or Nucatola, or Richards, or any woman who comes to them to have her child's helpless, delicate life erased -- all of these ladies are positioned, in our culture, as the pinnacle of female empowerment. What is the very destruction and perversion of femininity has become its ultimate expression. Indeed, Gatter would be considered less the woman if she did pinch cheeks and bake cookies. To progressives, the mother in the apron who loves babies and cares for her family is a disgrace to the sex, and Gatter, with her cold demeanor, callous attitude, and bloodthirsty ruthlessness, is the sort that all women should strive to emulate.

The abortion industry tries to transform and repurpose womanhood; invert it; cave it into itself like a dying star giving birth to a black hole. Progressivism fundamentally redefines "female" from something generous, beautiful, life giving, and creative, to something murderous, self-worshiping, vacuous, and destructive. This is the great achievement of the pro-abortion movement. Not that it merely slaughters lots of people -- any powerful, wealthy group of sociopaths can do that, no problem -- but that it kills women. And, then, not physically (though they kill them in that way, too) but metaphysically.

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Progressivism is not satisfied with simple bloodshed; it wants to dig into a person, down to a nuclear level, and destroy her from the inside. It wants to murder not just the human, but the nature of the human. So when it says that mothers are empowered by Planned Parenthood, the great evil of this proclamation is not solely the physical death that results, but the abolition of womanhood itself. When a woman is taken and swallowed by pro-abortion propaganda, she quickly learns to hate her nature, and begins to see the profound, mysterious, magnificent, generative, holy, and supernatural aspects of her being as a curse and a burden.

As progressivism celebrates men who sever their genitals and run around acting and looking like a macabre, castrated forgery of womanhood, it likewise elevates women who employ their "reproductive rights" by barbarically repudiating reproduction. Pro-aborts say they care about women, but in truth, there is no group they hate more. They have made it their primary mission on Earth to snuff out all of the unique qualities of womanhood, because they hate those qualities, because they hate women.

After all, any old group of psychos or serial killers can kill a woman's child, but it requires a particularly sadistic and hateful one, and one with especially epic designs, to hand the gun to the woman and convince her to do it herself. And it takes a malevolence and genius beyond words to persuade her that to do so is to realize the fullest potential of her womanhood. You see, I have many times compared the abortion industry to Nazism, but I realize as I write this that the comparison is insufficient. Hitler killed entire families, but Planned Parenthood coaxes the family to kill itself, and to pay for the privilege. Hitler, I'm sure, would have loved to accomplish such a feat, but it seems he lacked progressivism's grandiose vision.

With this in mind, we understand the outward disdain Planned Parenthood has for women. They teach women to resent their children and their nature, so it only makes sense that the abortion industry would, in turn, resent the women themselves. Live Action News picked up on a part of the exchange from last week's video that few noticed. Nucatola complained that counseling the women is a hassle. When the buyer asked about getting the patient's consent to harvest her child for its organs, Nucatola sounded exasperated:

"That's probably the biggest inconvenience, ugh. That's one more thing my staff has to talk about."

Inconvenience. It's an inconvenience to even speak to them. Get them in and get them out. Screw them. They are nothing. They are dirt. They are customers, and there's a million more where they came from anyway. That's the attitude of the abortion business, and of progressivism on a larger scale.

The abortion industry tries to stir in the female population feelings of indifference, detachment, selfishness, and spite, and you have to admit they practice what they preach in that regard.

It will be easy to distort this point and pretend I'm saying that killing children ought to be the domain of men, or that it's worse for women to do it. Obviously, murder ought to be no one's domain. It is the domain of all humans, men and women, to embrace children, and protect them, and love them. But it's also true that humanity has always depended on the kind, gentle, sympathetic nature of women, yet progressivism desperately wishes to mutilate and desolate that compassionate disposition and instill in its place a dark barbarity and viciousness. It doesn't concentrate as much on infusing these characteristics into men, I assume because it theorizes that, without the light and grace of true women, men will revert to that sadistic state on their own.

It's probably correct in that assumption, sadly.

The cynicism of progressivism has been vindicated many times over, especially recently. What we've ultimately learned about the ideology is that it cannot build, it cannot lead, it cannot illuminate, and it cannot provide solutions, but when it comes to destroying what is good and decent, there has never been an intellectual force as reputable and accomplished.

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