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Real Rape vs. Rape Culture (A Letter to Feminists)


Are all men potential "rapists"? Are American men guilty of propagating "rape culture" or is it yet another topic used merely to score political points?

"Rape Culture." It's a term thrown around so flippantly today that it's lost all meaning. Rape is a life-shattering crime that deserves the worst possible punishment available. So if we can all agree on that, can we also all agree that throwing every regrettable decision and HR infraction into the same "rape" pot may be demeaning to... you know, rape victims?

Lena Dunham is used in the video as an example, but she's indicative of a larger problem. Belittling the heinous crime of rape, trotting it out only when convenient to score political points can have devastating consequences to its real victims. So I ask... who's the one keeping "rape culture" alive again?

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