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The Black And Blue Blood On The Hands Of Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter has the blood not just of police but the innocent black victims of the "Ferguson effect" on its hands.

Police arrest activist DeRay McKesson (AP Photo/Max Becherer)

Thought experiment:

Imagine we're in the dark days of the Jim Crow Deep South. A white woman accuses a black man of assault. She claims she pleaded with her attacker “Please don’t!” but to no avail. A white activist group with racist predilections calling itself White Women Matter forms and takes up her cause, laying a blanket guilt over all black men, protesting that blacks have declared open season on white women. They even organize anger-fueled marches chanting the rallying cry: “Please don’t…Please don’t.”

But a subsequent investigation shows the woman’s story to be a fabrication. In fact white eyewitnesses have come forward to offer testimony that the black man never harmed anyone nor was the phrase “Please don’t!” ever uttered.

And yet…

Months after the black man was exonerated, White Women Matter cynically ignores the truth and continues to promote its bogus narrative. Mobs of incensed whites whipped into a lather parade down city streets chanting “Please don’t!”

Not even the white president, who surely knows all the facts, will step up and denounce the opportunistic farce. So WWM leaders continue to inflame white hatred against blacks until inevitably some unbalanced whites begin shooting innocent blacks down.

Police arrest activist DeRay McKesson (AP Photo/Max Becherer)

Continuing the metaphor, this doesn’t mean that black men never attack white women. But it seems that this WWM movement has no problem looking the other way when 40 times more whites than blacks assault white women. Instead WWM waits until that statistically rare black assailant emerges before they take to the streets declaring they’ve had "enough."

In such a scenario, where it refuses to acknowledge the mendacity behind “Please don’t!” but rather continues to promote the inflammatory lie of hoards of predatory blacks run amok targeting whites, WWM must be held accountable for the increased violence against blacks sparked by their false narrative.

The “hands up don’t shoot” Ferguson incident that gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement is also a lie. Michael Brown was hardly the innocent victim of a racist police department hunting blacks for sport. He was an 18-year-old, 6-foot-4, 290-pound criminal who robbed a convenience store and attacked Officer Darren Wilson while high … and then got shot. Such was the finding of the grand jury that opted not to indict Officer Wilson--in part based on the testimony of black eyewitnesses who put truth above jailing an innocent man because of his race.

Unjustified police homicides do occur and they are especially disturbing given that the officers are sworn to “serve and protect.” But in a country of 39 million blacks these episodes are so rare that we know the victims’ names. One wonders how many Black Lives Matter activists or their Leftist accomplices can name any of the over 60 minorities shot during just the normal course of a July 4th holiday weekend in the blood-soaked streets of Chicago?

When discussing Ferguson, President Barack Obama, whose default setting seems to be "guilty until proven innocent" regarding police use of force, stated: “There are still problems, and communities of color aren’t just making these problems up.”

But when it comes to Ferguson that is exactly what happened. And a militant movement launched in the wake of the lie is now giving thugs and cop-killers moral cover to act out their lurid criminal fantasies.

There is indeed open season on the black community in the United States. But their hunters do not wear badges. Rather they sport gang colors, hoodies, and jeans down below their buttocks. Black men are the greatest threat to other blacks in America today. Yet it takes an outlier event perpetrated by rogues among the staid blue line of 700,000 United States law enforcement personnel to mobilize the race hustlers and their leftist abettors.

In a tragic irony, the effects of BLM agitation is felt most acutely in the black communities as the viciously anti-police protests have led to the so-called “Ferguson effect”. To wit: police departments have retreated from aggressively patrolling the streets to avoid the racial fallout of any questionable use of force. According to a Major Cities Chiefs Association survey. homicides increased nine percent in the largest 63 cities in the first quarter of 2016; nonfatal shootings were up 21 percent

On May 11, FBI Director James Comey observed: “There’s a perception that police are less likely to do the marginal additional policing that suppresses crime — the getting out of your car at 2 in the morning and saying to a group of guys, ‘What are you doing here?’ ”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest pounced, calling the director’s observation “irresponsible and ultimately counterproductive.”

But a study published this year in the Journal of Criminal Justice found that homicides in the year following the Michael Brown shooting rose significantly in cities with large black populations and already high rates of violence. This is to be expected when police stand down. It is not outlandish to say therefore that BLM and their abettors have black blood on their hands.

Do not expect the left to honestly address such matters. For them, fomenting racial disharmony by promoting a victim mentality among minorities until they see protectors as threats, and threats as protectors, is big business. Al Sharpton gets rich and visits the White House more times than heads of state. Agitator thuggery gets a lacquer of legitimacy. Democratic machine politicians stay in office, free to imbibe in the corruption that comes with no opposition to keep them honest. And, of course, white liberals get to assuage their guilt over the abject hypocrisy of preaching solidarity with minorities while choosing to live in the whitest communities from Chappaqua to Brentwood to Chevy Chase.

Indeed, for the chairpersons of Greivance Politics, Inc. the worst thing that could happen is America becoming a truly harmonious nation. They would be out of a job.

Brad Schaeffer is an energy broker, columnist, historian and author whose eclectic commentary ranges in scope from politics to music, books, films, history, science, culture, and general ruminations on life.. Drop him a note at:

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