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The Country Is Losing Its Way and Conservatives Are Responsible


Conservatives need to stand up and repair this nation's Constitutional compass, but that cannot be done by compromising principles or standing idly by.


The United States has lost its way. Its compass, broken.

The people ask for a return to its principles, yet they continually choose inaction instead of getting involved. They settle for a Congress they do not trust. It should not be surprising, then, that the radical viewpoints -- limited government, working within the confines of the Constitution, not infringing on the rights of the people --​ held at this nation’s birth are once again considered extreme, out of date, and unattainable.

What are we, if not a nation bound to the Constitution? If so-called conservatives do not adhere to its core principles, what right have they to call themselves as such? We as a nation have become obsessed with political correctness. The desire for inclusivity has paralyzed us with inaction for fear of offending another. In the pursuit of more freedoms, we are losing that which we strive for.

[sharequote align="center"]Conservatives need to find their backbone again because the silence is deafening.[/sharequote]

Today’s conservative viewpoints are considered aggressive, but lest we forget, the Founding Fathers’ actions were anything but meek. Conservatives have been sequestered into a corner for their beliefs. The opinion that government should be limited is slanderous rather than common sense. Common sense itself has all but become a dream of another lifetime. Conservatives need to find their backbone again because the silence is deafening.

Those in the middle-right no longer believe they can win with a true conservative. That, compromising on some level is necessary for the greater good. But doing so sacrifices one’s Constitutional convictions and morals instead of operating within the framework of the Constitution. It’s been so long since conservatives have had a nominee who stands for what made this nation so great, that they don’t even recognize it when the clear option is staring them straight in the face.

The media isn’t going to do voters any favors. It serves them ill to report on the truth when the lies are more appealing. Sadly, gone are the days when the people could look to reporters for integrity and honest reporting. If you want the truth, you’re going to have to dig it out yourself. You don’t have the luxury of sitting back and trusting the media or even the candidates themselves to be honest. It’s going to take work.

Meanwhile, those on the left cry for a nominee whose position they know nothing about. Millennials claim to support Bernie Sanders, yet they cannot accurately define socialism nor do they understand it. Hillary Clinton's approach, while slower, is still a path to socialism.

People are frustrated. They’re ticked off because those chosen to represent their states are betraying the people, or too little is being done to effectively repair the damage. The backroom deals and attempted compromises made are no longer spoken of in hushed tones but in the light of day. Evil has been emboldened and our virtue is fading.

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

Shouldn’t we then also act with boldness? Inaction is as toxic as the wrong decision -- perhaps more so. If true liberty is sought, then there should be no greater reference than that of the Constitution. If it be fairness, the greatest resources should be those set by the Founding Fathers. All men are created equal, but actions have consequences and personal responsibility still matters.

Much of the country -- particularly the left -- has long forgotten what it means to earn something through hard work. People expect life to be handed to them instead. The freedom to think, act, and speak as one wishes is evolving into a dangerous ideal.

So, do something conservatives. But establish and recognize your principles first. Do not compromise. It takes a person of strong character to recognize freedom being taken away, but an even stronger one to recognize the correct course of action in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Make the hard decision for the truth. If what was right was easy, everyone would do it.

Conservatives cannot take the path of anger. There’s plenty of that on the left. It’s time to use reason and put every candidate through the checks and balances of the Constitution. Only then can we make the correct choice. Now is not the time for compromise. This nation cannot afford it. The future of this country cannot survive it.

The truth is a great and powerful tool. It is also terrifying to those who wish to destroy the Republic. The truth requires we step out of our comfort zones. If we as a people, who are bound to uphold justice and liberty, sit idly by while the signs of tyranny run rampant, then we are no better than those who would deprive a nation of its freedom.

Freedom is highly valued and should be defended at any cost. But mistreated or misused, it will become abandoned and vulnerable, subject to robbery and unrecognizable destruction. And once lost, it is neigh impossible to regain and restore. Protecting the founding principles of the United States Constitution comes at a price. For some, that price is deemed too high -- until it’s too late.

There is far too much at stake during this election for conservatives to give in to a bully on the empty hopes that Donald Trump will fix the nation -- all the while ignoring his record and behavior.

It’s time to repair the compass and return to the Constitution, but that cannot be done by compromising our principles. As George Washington so aptly put it: “Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”

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