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The Secret to Why Obama Is Annihilating the GOP Every Single Day


We're losing a war for America's future. It's time to stand and fight. We need "The Power of Relentless."

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Something is wrong. Really wrong. Are you as worried as I am at seeing what’s happening to America? Why is it happening?

Well the first answer is Barack Hussein Obama. We have a madman at the wheel who is purposely doing everything he can to drive us off the cliff. It is so clear he is purposely overwhelming the system.

[sharequote align="center"]But the reality is, it isn’t really Obama’s fault. It’s the GOP’s fault.[/sharequote]

Purposely destroying the voting demographics with an open border and amnesty by executive order; purposely destroying the economy and small business by taxing and regulating them to death.

Purposely destroying the middle class with giant increases in health care and energy costs through Obamacare and draconian Environmental Protection Agency climate change regulations.

Purposely killing full-time jobs with Obamacare.

Purposely putting Israel in grave danger with an Iran treaty so terrible that Democratic ally and future Senate Minority Leader-to-be Chuck Schumer is voting against it.

And here’s the latest and greatest: Obama is purposely pushing Housing and Urban Developemtn policies to force communities all across America to build high-density, low-income housing in the middle of middle class and upscale neighborhoods.

President Barack Obama speaks about climate change during an event in the East Room at the White House, Aug. 3, 2015. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Obama wants to bring crime, car-jackings, home invasions, drug dealing, dirty streets, broken street lights and lower property values to a street near you, no matter where you live. You can’t move to safe, clean suburbia anymore. Nothing and no one is safe from the socialists out to ruin America and redistribute your wealth. Now they’re re-distributing your neighborhood, your property values and your children’s safety. Make no mistake about it: They are coming after you. They are bringing the battle to you. Perfect Saul Alinsky strategy.

But the reality is, it isn’t really Obama’s fault. It’s the GOP’s fault.

It’s the Republican Party's job to protect us, to stop Obama, or at least to slow Obama. The GOP isn’t doing its job. Of course, Obama and his socialist cabal will take anything we give them. If no one stands in the way, why not grab all the chips? That’s only natural. If the bank manager left the bank vault door open, and sent all the security guards home, wouldn’t thieves take advantage? If the farmer left the hen house door open, wouldn’t wolves attack?

So I believe I’ve figured out the problem. It’s not Obama or Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. It’s the GOP.

And I have the solution too. My new book, “The Power of Relentless” is out today.

It lays it all out. It perfectly describes what’s happening to America and the GOP and how to save both. "The Power of Relentless" is the answer to what's missing in the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

Think about it. Can you even imagine being so weak-willed that you could win in a massive, historic landslide and yet be too timid, or frightened, or cowardly, or self-destructive to take advantage of it? Well that’s exactly what just happened to the GOP. We won last November in such a big way, such a historic sweep, such a repudiation of Barack Obama that we should be dominating the agenda in Washington, D.C.

Obama should be facing impeachment. Obamacare should be defunded. Obama’s amnesty for illegal immigrants should be defunded. A wall should be under construction at the Mexican border. Abortions at Planned Parenthood should be defunded. Obama’s EPA regulations should be neutered. Taxes and massive regulations should be gutted. Obama’s traitorous Iran deal should be put in a cage, covered with gasoline and set on fire. Obama’s agenda should be in shambles. Obama should be hiding deep inside the White embarrassed to show his face after a public drubbing like he took.

The reality is Obama was beaten so badly last November that his own Senate candidates ran from him. They treated him more like Ebola than Obama. They refused to be seen on a stage with him. Yet he acts as if he won. He never lost a step. He never lost confidence. He never let us see him sweat. He disregarded it all, stayed true to his agenda, and just kept on attacking … and winning.

He’s gotten everything he ever wanted in the months since he lost in a massive landslide. And the GOP, who won that massive landslide, has gotten nothing. We not only haven’t stopped him. We haven’t slowed him. That’s “The Power of Relentless.”

Obama understands it. The GOP clearly doesn’t.

FILE - In this Aug. 11, 2013 file photo, President Barack Obama reacts as he misses a shot while golfing on the first hole at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, Mass. , on the island of Martha's Vineyard. President Barack Obama's fourth summer vacation on the Massachusetts island of Martha's Vineyard is humming along with the usual golf games and basketball. But the family vibe is different. For the first time, daughters Malia and Sasha are missing, away at summer camp. (Credit: AP) AP

Obama is relentless. And that’s why he’s winning. I don’t want to ever emulate Obama’s policies. I want to defeat and destroy every single facet of Obama’s socialist agenda.

But I do want the GOP to study Obama and emulate his style, his mindset, his gameplan. Because its brilliant. Steve Jobs once said, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

It’s time to steal from Obama’s relentless mindset and playbook.

If only the GOP was as relentless as Obama. America, American exceptionalism, capitalism and Judeo-Christian values would be safe and thriving. We’re not losing because of our policies or principles. We’re losing because our GOP leaders in D.C. are weak, cowardly and pathetic. They aren’t relentless, they’re feckless. They’re scared of their own shadow.

“The Power of Relentless” isn’t even a political game plan. It was written as a business and personal development strategy and philosophy. It was written for anyone to apply to their career, or business, or personal goals, to achieve extraordinary success. Yet it applies perfectly to what’s happening to the GOP, to Republican leaders in D.C. and to America.

“The Power of Relentless” is a roadmap to success. It’s a game plan for stopping Obama dead in his tracks and taking back America. Every conservative should read it, memorize it and hand a copy to every GOP politician. Every Republican congressman and senator’s office should be flooded with thousands of copies of “The Power of RELENTLESS” from conservative activists and constituents. Maybe then they’ll get the message through their thick skulls. We won, man up, be proud and strong and confident and relentless. This is a war … play to win!

Stop bringing a knife to a gunfight. This isn’t badminton with Muffy at the country club. This is a war for the future of America. Obama understands that. It’s time to fight fire with fire. Start proudly and relentlessly fighting for our conservative principles. Stop whining and giving us excuses for your failure. Start fighting like your country and your family’s future depends on it … because they do!

That’s “The Power of RELENTLESS.”

Miracles happen when you develop the attitude and mindset of never accepting defeat. Never giving up, or giving in. Never worrying about the odds against you. Never listening to the critics. Never worrying about the media or the polls. Just follow your heart, your gut and your convictions.

That’s Obama’s game plan. Why isn’t it the GOP’s? Why aren’t our leaders fighting with the same back-to-the-wall, never-give-up or give-in spirit of Obama?

In America anything is possible. In America dreams come true. Well my dream is taking America back from Obama, Hillary, Bernie Sanders and their socialist cabal. My dream is saving “the American Dream.”

With “the Power of Relentless” anything is possible. It’s time to dream big and fight relentlessly. Fight as if our homeland is under attack. Because make no mistake about it, we are under attack. We are in a battle for our existence. And if we don’t win, America is done. Finished. Finito.

I hope you’ll sign onto my “Power of Relentless” philosophy and game plan. Because it’s time to fight.

♦ ♦ ♦

Exclusive excerpt from Wayne Allyn Root's new book, "The Power of RELENTLESS," on sale now

There is one thing I respect about Obama. He is relentless. He is my exact polar opposite. He has the exact same mindset as me- the power of RELENTLESS.

Say what you want about Obama, he has gotten pretty much everything he ever wanted- from massive increases in spending…to massive increases in the power of government…to a massive stimulus program…to raising the debt ceiling…to massive tax increases…to the most government regulations in history…to massive entitlement spending…to complete overhaul of healthcare (Obamacare)…to a takeover of student loans…to the virtual halt of deportations of illegal aliens and eventually a complete amnesty for 5 million or more …to complete overhaul of the financial industry (Dodd Frank)…to a complete takeover of the Internet…to passing major legislation (for the first time in history) with Executive Orders. The list goes on and on. Obama certainly understands the power of RELENTLESS.

But the best example yet of my "Power of Relentless" philosophy and strategy is how Obama handled the biggest landslide in modern political history. That happened in November of 2014. It was a complete repudiation of Obama and his policies. It was a repudiation of Obamacare. It was a repudiation of the terrible economy. He actually publicly dared voters to make him the centerpiece of the election. He was so confident of his support and popularity that he dared voters to vote up or down on him and his policies. The result? An overwhelming, dominating, historic landslide by the GOP at every level of politics and government- Senate, Congress, Governors, State Legislatures, even local offices. Republicans won everything, everywhere.

But it gets even more humiliating for Obama. His own Democratic candidates treated him like the plague. Like he had Ebola. Like he never existed and they had never voted for anything he ever proposed and passed. In short, his own party disowned him for the election. They refused to campaign with him. They ran ads disassociating from him. They turned down offers to have him speak on their behalf. Virtually no Democrat anywhere in the country wanted to be in a picture with Obama. He was in a word- toxic.

Then came the results. Landslide. Tsunami. A final nail in the coffin. The end of Obama. Pure repudiation.

How would a typical president respond? Anyone else would have hidden from public view for the last 2 years of his presidency, with his tail between his legs, licking his wounds. Anyone else would have hidden in the Oval Office among his few remaining loyal friends and confidants. Anyone else would be in severe depression. Anyone else would have realized that his presidency was over and the chance to pass a single important bill was dead.

So just hide in the White House and go to fancy state dinners, then quietly slide into retirement. See George Bush. That is the exact description of his last 2 years in office after the humiliation of Hurricane Katrina.

But how would a relentless president respond? He’d completely ignore the landslide. He’d act like it never happened. It would be business as usual. He’d make believe that it didn’t even bother him. He wouldn’t even let it slow him down. He’d just go ahead and ignore the will of the people, make believe he’s in the right, and pass every single thing he ever wanted without Congress’ approval- via Executive Order.

That’s the exact description of Barack Obama’s reaction and actions post historic landslide and repudiation. That’s the power of RELENTLESS.

I hate to admit it, but we are very much alike- Obama and I. We are symbiotic. Two exact personality matches- just on opposite sides if every issue. Yin and Yang. He will fight with every breath to impose socialism upon America… weaken and perhaps kill capitalism…redistribute income… regulate business to death… and put government in charge of…everything.

He believes “the state” always knows best. He will use the power of RELENTLESS to grow government ever bigger. No one can stop him or slow him…

unless they are equally relentless.

I will fight with every breath to make government smaller…to reduce its power…to make taxes lower…and regulations fewer…and to support capitalism…and champion small business. I will use the power of RELENTLESS to give power back to the people. I'm the anti-Obama.

The good news is that the power of RELENTLESS works…for either side, for any goal, to turn any dream into reality. God help the people on the other side who don’t understand this mindset. Far too few Republicans understand this mindset. Now you understand how Obama has run rough-shod over this entire country, and imposed his agenda. The opposition was not relentless. The opposition had no idea how to deal with a relentless president. The opposition plays by the rules. The opposition actually naively thought that "elections have consequences." If you defeat your opponent, it's over. He loses. Not true- if your opponent understands the power of RELENTLESS. Mere historic landslide defat won't even cause him to pause.

But I understand. After all, I wrote the book! Stay tuned to see how this story ends

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