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Which America Do You Live In?


So do we live in the America that has insurance paid for by others or in the America that has their insurance covered by tax payers?

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This is the tale of two Americas. An America of the haves, the tax payer, and an America of the have nots, the tax taker.

We have an imposing health care plan that our representatives are exempt from because their plan resembles the one We The People would like but aren’t being offered at a reasonable price. Also exempt are the elite of big businesses that finance all elections. And of course one of our most influential lobbies the insurance industry defers their employees’ insurance expense to the tax payers. And ultimately they aim to have a single payer system of government which translates to a blank check signed by We The Tax Payers.

This comes from the same insurance lobby that uses fear to sell us insurance and often by force. You may ask how do they force us to buy insurance? Obamacare isn’t a new concept but an old concept with precedence having been established with our cars and homes. We are not free to drive without insurance and we are not free to own a house without homeowners’ insurance unless it is free and clear. All this under the guise of protecting We The People. These are the same insurance companies that underwrite most of our mortgages, so in essence home owners pay them every month in form of mortgage payment while every month paying the same entities home owners insurance.

So do we live in the America that has insurance paid for by others or in the America that has their insurance covered by tax payers?

Do you live in the America that considers abortion murder or choice? Apparently those that govern play both sides. In Roe vs. Wade we live in the pro-choice America but in the Scott Peterson murder case we live in an America that convicts a man of the murder of his unborn child. If any of us kill a pregnant woman in an auto accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs we are tried for the murder of an unborn fetus.

It’s is becoming clear we have two Americas. We live in one or the other under a multitude of stereotypes like; Conservative-liberal, Democrat or Republican, pro-choice or pro-life, tax payer or tax taker to only mention a few. But the main two Americas are the special interest Americas which currently controls all elections and thus controls We The People, and We The People allow them to take advantage of us.

Which America do you live in?

Either way it is our actions or inactions that got us there. Either way it is divisiveness that got us here and unity is the only path back to greatness. The unity that those that rule fear.

Our Americas will never come together and realize the dreams of our forefathers unless We The People become the special interest of those that represent us in government. This most likely will never happen at the hands of Congress because they can’t bite the hand that currently feeds them. One America that feeds Congress and one America that is ruled by Congress and friends.

Hypocrisy and double standards have become the rule and, sadly, We The People are in the America ruled by the America that We The People allowed to rule us.

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