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WOMAN to WOMAN: Stop Trying to Liberate Me, My Shackles Have Been Off for Decades


It is high time and very past due, that a woman blew the whistle on the "Women’s Liberation" movement that is swallowing our men and marriages like a tidal wave. Similar to the “protect Mother Earth from the humans” movement that is becoming prominent across the globe, Women’s Lib is sprouting everywhere- from magazines to marches, TV news to internet radio, blogs to man-hating websites.  It has become impossible to speak of anything economical, constitutional or biblical, without being flooded by the noisy and in my opinion embarrassing chatter of what has become the Women’s Movement. 

Women's liberation TODAY, is absolutely not about the right to work and receive equal pay as men. Perhaps that was the mission in the 1960’s, with the publication of The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan and her organization of NOW (the National Organization of Women).  I sincerely respect, appreciate and applaud Ms. Friedan for her efforts to liberate me. If she were here today, I would hug her. I would also thank  the many other brave, bold women who used their God-given powers in life, including Joan of Arc, Mother Theresa, Cleopatra, and Wilma Flintstone. 

But today’s feminist movement is entangled with insanity that truly has nothing to do with women’s rights.

The silent majority of American women are not onboard with most of the ludicrous accusations made by the so-called pole-bearers of today’s feminist movement.

Some of today’s feminists say capitalism is destroying women.NEWS FLASH: Capitalism set women free!It should be emphasized that, in contrast to the Women’s Liberation forces who like to blame capitalism on mostly everything, it was precisely capitalism and the "capitalist revolutions" of the 18th and 19th centuries that started the process of “freeing” women from male oppression.

Many feminist militants are claiming that Catholic women are being denied priesthood, because the Bible  and the Catholic beliefs are “sexist.” For this argument, the logic is far easier than the fairy tale created. Many of the women involved in the Women’s Lib movement are…wait for it, wait for it…atheist. With that said, please do not pretend to understand the interpretation of the Catholic religion or how it perceives the bible and beliefs. Catholic women ARE NOT complaining about being oppressed, a “sexist” God, or the inability to be a Priest. If you are not a devout Catholic, then you probably don’t want to be a priest anyway. So, I suppose the religiously oppressed belief is quite passé at this point, now isn’t it?

The most popular accusation by today’s feminists is the GOP “war on women,” regarding birth control and laws to discourage abortions. In reality, most conservatives are not against birth control. That is a fact. I, for one, love my birth control pill. I think it is grand, and quite beneficial. With that said, at no point, never, ever, ever…do I expect someone else to pay for it.

As far as transvaginal ultrasounds, the argument that the women are forced to have the ultrasound done against their consent is mind-boggling to me, and utterly ridiculous. A statement was made how it “simulates rape” and it is extremely painful. From experience, having children these days means having transvaginal ultrasounds. Simulating rape? Hardly. Extremely painful? Well, it’s not my idea of a picnic. Bottom line, for whatever the purpose, either pregnancy leading to childbirth or abortion, the ultrasound is proven to be more effective and medically beneficial.

Finally, some feminists argue that conservative men want women to be passive, accepting an inferior role as homemakers and stay-at-home mommies. The feminist’s outrageous reasoning behind this strange phenomenon of happy “Susie-homemakers”: These women who love being domesticated must be “brainwashed.” Give me a break. The fact is that many women actually do embrace a role in the home, and feel that a career of housewife and mother is quite possibly the most challenging and most rewarding job in existence.

To the last point,  I will now happily go off and be mommy, wifey, “Susie,” and the liberated Editor-in-Chief of The Revered Review. All at the same time, because I WANT to, and because I CAN.


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