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Whitlock: ‘The Last True Americans’ see right through Dave Portnoy’s phony patriotism
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Whitlock: ‘The Last True Americans’ see right through Dave Portnoy’s phony patriotism

Narcissism, partying, insecurity, and shallowness prevent Dave Portnoy from acknowledging his betrayal.

Narcissism, partying, insecurity, and shallowness prevent Dave Portnoy from acknowledging his betrayal.

He’s betting the legion of followers he’s developed while building the Barstool Sports empire exist in a similar character-flaw haze and will fail to recognize their leader is Benedict Arnold.

Tuesday night, in response to his Twitter beef with comedian Alex Stein and my column painting him as a fraud, Portnoy cast himself as a victim of his courageous and humorous attempt to challenge the political establishment. Via Twitter, Portnoy released a sarcastic letter arguing that his rejection of the political right and political left made him a target of political extremists.

“Yet does Portnoy yield?” he wrote. “Hah! ... He stands strong against the constant, unfair attacks. While everyone else whines and screams, David 'The Last True American' Portnoy helps small businesses, fights the corrupt suits of Wall Street, and runs a billion dollar company that he built brick by brick.”

Hats off to Portnoy for building Barstool and raising money to assist small businesses hurt by the COVID lockdown. Benedict Arnold was an American war hero before joining the British. Plus, it’s farcical for Portnoy to suggest he’s the enemy of the political establishment. It’s the equivalent of me arguing that Ronald McDonald and the Burger King hatched an assassination plot to take my life and recover my buy-one-get-one-free coupons.

It makes no sense.

Dave Portnoy surrendered to the establishment in 2020, when gambling conglomerate Penn National bought a 50% stake in Barstool. Portnoy has never publicly acknowledged his capitulation, but smart observers see it in his actions and the tonal shift of Barstool’s content.

Stevie Wonder could see the submission when he heard Portnoy’s Roe v. Wade “emergency press conference.”

Stop. Don’t jump to the conclusion that Portnoy’s pro-choice stance pissed me off. Portnoy has never pretended to have a moral compass. I was in no way surprised that a super-wealthy, middle-aged frat boy with a sweet tooth for barely legal women would be pro-choice. I’m not calling Portnoy the white R. Kelly, but I bet Portnoy knows every word to Keith Sweat’s "Right and a Wrong Way."

You may be young, but you’re ready. Ready to learn. You’re not a little girl, you’re a woman.

My point is Portnoy has never hidden his rejection of responsibility. Irresponsible men value abortion access as much as hard-core feminists. A condom is a responsibility bridge too far for drunken, high 45-year-olds re-enacting the movie "Animal House."

Portnoy’s pro-choice stance makes sense.

It was his pro-choice argument that stamped him a traitor. Portnoy denigrated the Constitution. He argued for the rewriting of the Constitution.

“At what point do you look at the Constitution and say, ‘Hey, this was written by people who had slaves’?” he said. “Maybe not everything is exactly to a T in the Constitution. Like a million years from now, you’re going to use a document written in...? It’s just nuts. In what world? The world evolves. People evolve. Technology evolves. You gotta evolve. You can’t stick with this document and look at that and be like ‘that’s the end-all, be-all.’ It’s literally crazy pills.”

That’s the betrayal. It’s what global elites do. They acquire generational wealth, join the elite, and then become comfortable tinkering with the system that allowed their rise.

The freedoms guaranteed and the system installed by the ratification of the U.S. Constitution allowed Dave Portnoy to become a powerful multimillionaire. The system that worked perfectly for Portnoy gave individual states the responsibility of determining laws such as abortion. The Constitution took no position on abortion because it wasn’t even an issue in the 1700s. No one questioned the value of life in the 1700s. Babies were a blessing to be celebrated back then.

The self-described “last true American” is so foolish and self-absorbed that he has no clue that he’s constructing arguments that assist America’s Marxist enemies in the overthrow of our system.

His Tuesday-night letter opens by complaining that America is falling apart.

“Our country is falling apart. It seems that every day we are at each other’s throats, screaming our opinions into our own personal echo chambers, looking for validation that we’re right and ignoring anyone who says we’re wrong.”

Yeah, Dave Portnoy is the comedic voice standing in the middle trying to bring us all together. He’s too stupid to realize the country is falling apart because elites like him reject the legitimacy of the Constitution.

Portnoy sounds like a soldier in the BLM-LGBTQ+ Alphabet Mafia. He wants to disrupt the U.S. Constitution.

He’s a sellout. He sold out because the Alphabet Mafia controls the purse strings he needs to make Barstool even bigger. He wants to be a billionaire. In his mind, that’s worth selling out for.

On Monday night, he bragged to Alex Stein about sleeping comfortably on $500 million. He justified taking down Stein’s Las Vegas City Council video because he’d rather have oceanfront mansions than post content that upsets his corporate overlords.

Portnoy is a sellout. He has no interest in bringing people together. His interests are in lining his pockets. I’d have no problem if he’d just admit it. He’s white LeBron James. It’s great that Portnoy raised money for small businesses. It’s great that LeBron spent a million dollars on a school in Akron. It’s good marketing. It’s terrific public relations. It creates the appearance that Portnoy and James haven’t forgotten about the little guy.

The best thing you can do to support the working man and woman is defend the Constitution. The document isn’t remotely outdated. It created the freedom and opportunity that we all benefit from 200 years after its ratification.

The political establishment – both Republicans and Democrats – want a new constitution that allows America to submit to the new world order led by China.

The last true Americans aren’t so drunk, high, stupid, and self-absorbed that they can’t see the phony patriots selling us out.

We see you, Dave.

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