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The Blaze Managing Editor Comments on Comment Registration


The small, scrappy staff of The Blaze would again  like to thank everyone for the amazing response to our new site. As we wrap up day five I finally have a window to address some of the issues involved with the sign up process to register on the site.

The number of people visiting The Blaze in our first few days wildly exceeded even our most optimistic expectations.

This did cause a few technological hiccups -- including problems with registration and confirmation e-mails.

Things are working much better now.

A good number of people did get the correct confirmation e-mail response -- but the e-mail went to their spam filter. You might be able to find it there.

Even if you never received a confirmation e-mail -- you might try clicking the "forgot password" link and entering the username or email address you used to register. That should send you a new e-mail to recover your password.

If that doesn't work -- you could try re-registering. Keep in mind that in that situation you would need to use a different e-mail address.

If that doesn't work -- our request is for patience!  Hang loose for a couple of days while we get everything sorted out.

Many of you have asked about how you can change your password once you log in.  That function will be available early next week!

We are grateful that so many of you want to be a part of The Blaze community and we certainly apologize for any issues you've been having.

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