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Re: 'Revisionist Recitation


Over on the news side of things, Jon posted video of President Barack Obama addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. In his remarks, Obama -- accidentally or intentionally -- left out the fact that the U.S. Declaration of Independence specifically stipulates that man is endowed with unalienable rights from their Creator.

Whether or not it was by accident or intentional, I'm concerned.

If it was by accident, it suggests that Barack Obama completely misses the significance of the Declaration. America's Declaration of Independence wasn't just a note to King George that said he wasn't the boss of us anymore. The Declaration marked the first time in history that anyone had bothered to note that our rights aren't derived from our fellow man, an intellectual elite or even a governing or ruling class -- they come from GOD.

THIS is why we declared independence from Great Britain -- not because we didn't want to pay their taxes anymore (although we hated those, too), but because our God-given natural rights were being trampled on.

While it's possible the president left out this detail, it seems unlikely to me.

More than likely, the omission was voluntary and intentional. These days it might be "politically correct" to leave God out of the picture, but we should never forget that it is FAR from historically accurate.

While the president may have left out this "small detail," we must never forget it.

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