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Biden Mocks Voters: 'You're the Dullest Audience' Ever


"It’s staggering!”

Vice President Joe Biden is continuing the Obama administrations attack on voters who may not agree with the White House's message. This time, the nation's number two man has made some less than flattering comments regarding a crowd of Democratic supporters.

Speaking at at a Wisconsin fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett, Biden tried to rile up the crowd with a rousing statement about jobs: “We want to reward people who manufacture things in the United States, in Wisconsin, not to take them overseas to China and to other countries!”

The room fell silent.

So how did Biden respond? He chastised the crowd for not rallying behind his cry: “You’re the dullest audience I’ve ever spoken to." Perhaps in a consolatory manner, his audience laughed and clapped.

He responded by asking, “Do you realize how many jobs Wisconsin lost?" And then added, "It’s staggering!”

Both Biden and Obama have come under fire recently for other comments seen by some as demeaning. Last week he told disenchanted liberals to "buck up" and "stop whining." Obama echoed that sentiment in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine: “The idea that we’ve got a lack of enthusiasm in the Democratic base, that people are sitting on their hands complaining, is just irresponsible.” And last week John Kerry added to the chorus of chastisement when he said that voters are easily swayed by "simple slogans."

It may not be surprising, then, that a poll of likely voters in November favors Republicans by 2-1.

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