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Woman Uses Crow Bar While Destroying Sexualized Artwork of Jesus


"How can you desecrate my Lord?"

A controversial piece of art in a Loveland, CO museum depicting Jesus in a porn pose is no more. That's because a woman stormed into the exhibit, broke the glass casing around the piece with a crow bar, and tore the artwork to shreds.

Kathleen Folden, 56, of Kalispell, Mont., was arrested shortly after the 4 p.m. incident Wednesday and charged with felony criminal mischief, the Loveland Reporter-Herlad says.

“She was saying, ‘How can you desecrate my Lord?’” said Mark Michels, a stranger who helped subdue Folen. “She wanted to wreck the print, and that was it. After that, she was totally passive.”

The depiction of Jesus divided members of the quaint Colorado town, drawing protests against the piece and also "protesters protesting the protests," according to one museum official:

The controversial piece was part of a 10-artist exhibit called, “The Legend of Bud Shark and His Indelible Ink.” The lithograph showing the son of God engaged in a sexual act is called, “The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals,” and was created by Stanford University professor Enrique Chagoya.

“It is visual profanity,” said art gallery owner Linda King, in an interview with the Loveland Reporter-Herald. “It disgraces the God of all creation.”

However, the piece destroyed was only a copy of the original and could be replaced, meaning this may just be the beginning of the controversy.

(Editor's note: the original video featured in this article has been replaced with a more current one. The original video can be viewed below.)

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