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(Updated) Gov. Candidate Runs on 'The Rent is Too Damn High Party' Ticket


"[P]rovide a roof over your head, food on your table, and money in your pocket."

Jimmy McMillan is one of seven candidates for New York governor. During a crowded debate last night he needed to stand out in order to make his message known. Fair to say, he was successful:

His platform: "My main job is to provide a roof over your head, food on your table, and money in your pocket."

This is not McMillan's first foray into politics. In 2009 he also ran for New York City mayor:

That campaign may have made him a political pioneer. He realized that if the rent is too high, how can he expect people to afford a donation to his campaign? He vowed to run a campaign without money or donations. He explains more here:

A true pioneer for sure.


Fox had some fun this morning talking about McMillan and some of the other candidates at the debate, including Elliot Spitzer's former madam:


Gawker did some extensive research on McMillan and found more than you may ever care to know, including why he wears black gloves:

Don't forget I was in Vietnam for two and half years and I have three Bronze Stars, but the chemicals of Agent Orange—dioxin and a lot of other chemicals mixed up—I would get sick. When I get home tonight, I know I'm not going to be able to breathe if I take them off. It could be psychological, I don't know, but I just put em on and wear them anyway.

They also uncovered this campaign song:

Crying Out Loud by maxread

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