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Republican Victory Metaphors: Your Official Election Day Guide


Our friend Zombie (to the extent that anyone can be friends with the undead) has spent a not unsubstantial amount of time (a precious undead commodity) contemplating the linguistic options of election night:

Everyone’s speculating about the scale of the coming Republican victory in the midterm elections. Will they win 39 seats in the House of Representatives? 45? 60? 80?

And in the confusion, everyone’s testing out different possible metaphors to describe the political and cultural effect of the Republican win, depending on its size. Will it be a “massacre”? A “tsunami”? A “generational shift”?

In the normal blog process I would now give you a brief sampling of some of Zombie's metaphors and then offer a link inviting you to click to read the rest.  In this case, however, it would deprive you of the full experience of Zombie's creative execution.  So you will have to click here to get the complete metaphorical experience.

As for me, I'm casting my vote for "1894 all over again."

Bonus:  I'm reaching into the video flashback bin for an inspirational anthem from Ava Aston:

I might up my vote to "Party Like It's 1773."

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