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Confused Larry King Thinks Wikileaks Founder Walked Out On Him


"He's walking off again, apparently."

Only days after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange walked out on CNN International's Atika Shubert for asking him about molestation charges, he appeared on "Larry King Live" and did it again. Or so King thought.

Deep into the interview when King went to address Assange's legal woes, King's production team began showing footage of Assange walking out on Shubert. Seeing the tape, King became confused and gave us a parting gift: "he's walking off again, apparently."

Flummoxed, King asked Assange why he won't respond to molestation questions. One problem: Assange wasn't walking off and assued Larry of that while getting in a dig. "I didn't walk off, Larry, just then, but perhaps I should."

To be fair, Mediaite's Frances Martel describes the rest of the interviews as Assanged getting "spanked" by King.

But this all may just be confirmation that King's decision to hang up his suspenders at the end of the year is a good one.

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