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O'Donnell Campaign Threatens Radio Station With Lawsuit, Quickly Apologizes


In another twist in the race for Vice President Joe Biden's vacated Delaware Senate seat, the Christine O'Donnell campaign ran into another snag Wednesday with local radio station WDEL 1150AM.

After the Republican Senate candidate participated in an on-air interview, her campaign reportedly demanded the station turn over video of the interview, claiming they had never agreed for the interview to be taped and distributed.

Audio and video of interview segment had already been broadcast live and streamed on WDEL's website when a campaign representative reportedly made the request. When the station declined to hand over the tape, both the campaign representative and O'Donnell threatened to sue the station if the video was released. From WDEL:

O'Donnell's campaign manager, Matt Moran, called WDEL and demanded that the video be immediately turned over to the campaign and destroyed. Moran threatened to "crush WDEL" with a lawsuit if the station didn't comply.

An attorney representing the O'Donnell campaign contacted WDEL's law firm Hogan Lovells and initially asked that the video not be released. WDEL's attorney asserted that the interview and video were in compliance with all applicable laws, was clearly protected free speech under the First Amendment, and that the campaign had no grounds to demand the station withhold it from the public.

By Wednesday afternoon, O'Donnell's attorney called the station to apologize, conceding that the campaign had no legal issue with the network's actions.

To view the full interview, click here.

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