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Chris Matthews 'Makes Fun' of Arianna Huffington Over Stewart Rally


"We're not getting anywhere, Arianna."

Want a recipe for some great television? Here's a suggestion:

Take one part liberal MSNBC host. Add one part liberal Huffington Post founder. Throw in a pinch of media critique, mix it all in together and watch it boil over.

That's what happened yesterday when Chris Matthews and Arianna Huffington went head-to-head over Jon Stewart's weekend rally critique of cable news.

The result was Matthews mocking Huffington while she condescendingly gave him an apparent lesson in journalism. "Listen, you can make fun of me," Huffington said at one point. To which Matthews replied emphatically, "I am." The cold sarcasm permeated the entire segment, with Matthews chiding Huffington for taking Stewart's position.

By the way, you might also want to add a dash of finger pointing and a Jon-Stewart-is-like-Thomas-Jefferson comparison. Now you have all the ingredients:

As a side note, Keith Olbermann was upset with Stewart's comments as well.

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