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Turkey Thief‘s ’Waddling’ Getaway Foiled by Angry Butcher


In a sitcom-style scenario, a Brooklyn teen has been dubbed the "birdbrained bandit" after he unsuccessfully tried to smuggle a 12-pound turkey breast out of a local deli by shoving it down the front of his baggy sweatpants.

After the store's cashier noticed 19-year-old Deon Williams and his unusual waddle heading for the door, she yelled to butcher Sergio Marte, who chased down the would-be thief. The New York Post reports:

"You have something in your pants!" Marte barked at Williams, who squealed back, "I'll give it to you -- don't touch me!"

"I don't want to touch you -- just give me the turkey!" Marte demanded.

Williams dumped it on the street, and when Marte bent over to pick it up, the teen clocked him in the jaw, the butcher said.

After Williams took a swung at Marte, he took off running.  The attempted heist was caught on the store's surveillance video which shows Williams showing off his "stealth" moves for a couple of young accomplices.

With the turkey safely returned to the deli case, police nabbed Williams on Wednesday.

Williams was charged with robbery, petit larceny and criminal possession of the stolen poultry. He is due back in court Nov. 15.

It's not the first time he used his pants to stash a five-finger discount, sources said.

Williams was arrested on Aug. 5 after trying to smuggle seven cans of Red Bull out of a bodega on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, authorities said.

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