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Power is an Aphrodisiac': Reporter Warns Even Ugly Congressmen About D.C. Sexcapades


"It’s a temptation some can’t withstand."

Politico‘s Executive Editor Jim VandeHei had a warning for newly-elected congressmen on this morning's "Morning Joe": power apparently makes you irresistible to women in Washington. Even if you're ugly.

Via Fishbowl DC:

I’ve covered the Hill for about 16 years. The effect this place has, especially [on] men who come to Washington who are away from their families and the behavior you see at night is the behavior you often saw from our friends in college. Especially unattractive members of the Congress who have not had women show attention to them maybe since college. They come here. Power is an aphrodisiac. Suddenly they have women who are interested in them. It’s a temptation some can’t withstand.

Notice the addendum from Joe Scarborough (a former congressman):

Some of the fattest, ugliest guys-- One walking down the street with his mistress smoking pot. It was crazy man, crazy.

Okay then.

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