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Beck Uncovers Stubborn Grayson Fact: He's Worth $31.12 Million


"What a hypocrite."

In an odd House-floor speech on Thursday, defeated Florida Congressman Alan Grayson (D) tried to show that conservative figures such as Glenn Beck stand to "make" money if tax cuts are extended for the "rich." In the speech, he said that since Beck's net worth is "$33 million" he will make "a cool $1.5 million."

Besides the fact that a decision to not take someone's money doesn't equate to added income, there's another problem with Grayson's speech: he forgot to mention that he's worth almost as much as Beck.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Grayson's worth falls shy of Beck's by only about $1.8 million:

Along the way, he has become wealthy. Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper, ranked him 12th among all members of Congress based on financial disclosure forms, with a minimum net worth of $31.12 million.

Beck uncovered the figure on his radio show this morning, and explained how he, unlike Grayson, is reinvesting his money back into the economy:

Facts are a stubborn thing. Beck would later apologize for the "big, fat slob comment."

On Friday, Rush Limbaugh also responded to Grayson's attack on him during the same speech:

(H/T: Daily Rushbo)

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