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WikiLeaks: Fidel Castro 'Obsessed' With Barack Obama


Via The Guardian:

Having seen off 10 US presidents – all committed to his assassination, overthrow or isolation – Fidel Castro had more reason than most to beware the occupant of the Oval Office.

But Barack Obama was different. The octogenarian communist revolutionary fell for the young new president and became "obsessed", according to confidential US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks.

Having confidently predicted the US would not elect a black man, Castro sat bolt upright when the candidate of hope and change swept to the White House. His Reflections columns in the communist party newspaper, Granma, were filled with observations about, then praise for, Obama.

The US diplomatic mission in Havana, long accustomed to reporting the commandante's diatribes against American tyranny, was not prepared for fan mail.

"Fidel's subsequent Reflection on 9 June will only add to speculation from our civil society and diplomatic contacts that Fidel is obsessed with President Obama," said one memo.

Alas, the communist's love affair was not meant to last. Commenting on the recent WikiLeaks' docu-dump, Castro complained that Washington, "while hiding behind friendly rhetoric, is essentially sticking to the same policies of old and still acts like the world's policeman."

Castro also recently slammed the Obama administration for not lifting the United States' 49-year economic embargo against Cuba.

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