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CBS Airs Fake George W. Bush Cover Mocking 'Decision Points


"How I Managed to Go Eight Years without Making One Good Decision."

When CBS News aired a special on book covers this past Sunday, not many took notice. That is until George W. Bush's new book "Decision Points" popped up on the screen. That's because the cover the network showed was not only the wrong one, but it was also mocking the former president.

The cover is supposed to look like this:

Simple. Harmless. But that's not what aired. Here's the cover that flashed across the screen:

Yes, you're reading that right. CBS aired a Bush book cover that says, "Desision Points: How I Managed to Go Eight Years without Making One Good Decision." CBS has since backpedaled, saying it was an unintentional mistake:

"Good catch: it’s a mistake no one could see because you’d have to freeze the frame to notice it. Another cautionary tale about the risks of the internet age – clearly, we have to be more careful when downloading material."

According to Newsday, a production assistant made the mistake because of deadline pressure and pulled the image off the internet. The picture seems to have originated on the satirical website "Drudge Retort," although some outlets have confused it as originating from the the actual website Drudge Report.

CBS has since removed the video showing the gaffe.

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